Ghost Orbs

What Seeing Orbs in Photos Really Means – by Color and Description

Katalina Aster

Katalina is a writer, community builder, and changemaker. Her journalism background, coupled with a passion for creating global change, allows her to write articles on a variety of cutting edge topics related to health, spirituality, higher consciousness, and human connection. Since childhood, a sequence of events and new beliefs all came together to open a new path for her. This led her to learning about astrology, crystal healing, metaphysics, numerology, Tarot readings and new age philosophies. Using these philosophies and knowledge, Katalina hopes to inspire others to find their way to happiness, loving conscious relationships, and feeling more connected to the universe.

4 Responses

  1. Annie says:

    Hi! I have been seeing colours around a person in real life. Not sure if it is an aura. Looks like moving dots: (a lot!). white, blue, sometimes purple, and can be really strong in the night. Also when this person is sleeping. Does anyone recognizes this, or know about this?

    • Liam Heartman says:

      Hello Annie!

      It may be an aura, however if there is only one person you are seeing these dots around, it may be that you are seeing that person’s passed away loved ones that are traveling around with them. If you are seeing this around everyone or people who have a regular spiritual practice, then you are most likely starting to see auras!
      Hope that helps!

    • Krishy says:

      I see it all the time even when there’s nobody around :/ it’s like if I look really closely these colors come out of light static I see in the air. All the time..
      Now I’m quite the skeptic so I haven’t really told many people about this… But someone told me years ago that what I’m seeing static colors the whole picture in its entirety is actually energy.. Or prana so I left it at that..

  2. Brenda says:

    I get orbs in alot of my pictures purple & pink , but the night of the full moon every picture I took without my flash had a white little orb in it.. I have lost a lot of family including my parents I take orbs as a sign they are guiding me

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