Gemini Full Moon Open Yourself

Gemini Full Moon – Open Your Heart And Let Yourself Be Seen

A full moon is gracing us with her presence again on November 23rd, a day after Thanksgiving in the U.S., and as always, it is bringing our manifestations straight to the table. In order to fully receive what you have manifested or asked the universe for, this full moon will ask you to adapt. It is in the sign of Gemini, which loves change, open communication, and the ability to remain spontaneous. To thrive during this full moon, you need to understand the Gemini.

Full Moon in Gemini: Communication

Gemini Full Moon Open CommunicationGemini is asking you to open your heart and share yourself with others. It is the sign of communication and open expression, and if you are open about your thoughts and feelings during this time, you will benefit greatly. You may start feeling more talkative than ever as speaking will feel easier and more natural.

Perhaps, it is time to have authentic talks with your family on topics that have been suppressed for quite a while.

While practicing authentic communication, you will also need to keep calm and level headed, yet compassionate. The other person needs to feel like they are safe and encouraged to share openly as well in order to take conversations to the next level.

There is another influence this full moon that will require your patience and harmonious outlook.

The Pleiades Influence Needs Patience

This full moon is also in the Pleiades Star Cluster, which can make you a little feisty and more likely to lose your temper. To combat this influence, you are asked to stay patient with others, and not act on your impulses. This is true in conversations and in actions you take.

To avoid pain and misunderstanding with others, you need to intentionally release any negative feelings you have in a controlled and safe setting. Express them, don’t repress them, letting them boil inside until you explode is not healthy. This is also what Gemini is all about—not letting thoughts or emotions get stuck, but expressing them and letting them go instead.

While it is easy to get very emotional during full moon, it is also a great opportunity to carefully express those emotions and become lighter and happier.

Let Your Emotions Be Your Guide

Gemini Full Moon Open Heart

Emotions are at their core simply information that you can use to better your life. If you are feeling bad, it means what is happening in your life or a current situation is not serving you and change is needed.

Change is something that Gemini is great at, which is why it is healthy to be in tune with your emotional state at this time. As soon as you discover any negative emotions and decide to let them go, Gemini can help you make the needed changes to make sure they do not come up again.

This emotional release is one way your soul will tell you your heart’s desire.

Just remember, all emotions are important and are there for a reason. Let them guide you where you need to go and lead you away from what is not for you.



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