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A New Education System for Future Generations

Have you ever wondered about the state of our current education system and why the courses we often learn in the most critical years of our development, aren’t always the most essential life skills?

The goal of the education system of the future should account for the ever changing needs of our youth and ensure the skills that are being taught will be preparing us all for a brighter future.

The Current System

Well if you have, great on you as you’ve seen through the faults of our current educational system! Our current education system is mainly used as a means of setting young people into working an eight hour day and a forty hour work week. There is no real value to most of the information learned during our school years.

To put things in perspective most “Nine of Five” jobs can be learned or taught to an employee within a short timeframe, not requiring years of schooling as well as several years of post secondary schooling. Most “Nine to Five” jobs already have all the training required to teach their employees the skills necessary to complete their tasks at work. Additionally most of these jobs benefit greatly from hands on experience; which should be the main method of teaching future generations.

Post Secondary Schools should enable students to branch out and have many career options and be accessible to everyone who is ready for it, at any age.” – Mido

What is an Alternative School?

Education New SystemBased on Wikipedia “An alternative school is an educational establishment with a curriculum and methods that are nontraditional. Such schools offer a wide range of philosophies and teaching methods” in other words any school that follows a nontraditional educational model is an alternative school. Curriculums and teaching methods vary from one alternative schools to another; however, generally they take on a much different method of teaching than current, general school systems.

Alternative schools can focus on getting the student to maximize their own talents and skills while still completing the basics of the educational curriculum. Classes can also be much smaller and more student focused while taking a strong hands-on approach to education. “Some niche schools have even lower ratios. The Study Day Program in Toronto, for instance, has about five students per teacher.” – The Globe and Mail

The curriculum’s focus varies from one alternative school to another however, the programs are all based on the local curriculum to ensure the essentials are still taught and further “enriched with electives or deeper course content.” – The Globe and Mail

A New Curriculum

Some schools have a unique focus on specific topics while others are more general. Some of the focuses include equestrian studies, religion, spirituality, and more. The greatest alternative schools available are the schools that hone the potential of each child while still completing the basic educational curriculum.

Here are some of the recommended topics that I feel should be covered within the school system:

  • Charity
  • Home Care and Maintenance
  • Vehicle Repair and Maintenance
  • Spirituality
  • Meditation
  • Mental Health Techniques
  • Critical Thinking
  • Personal Hygiene
  • Conscious Shopping
  • Nutrition
  • General Finances

World Religion and Spirituality

Education SpiritualityLearning about the history and basics of world religions would help to create not just an intellect comprehension but an understanding of the commonalities between the world religions as well. This would reduce (and possible eliminate) all religious bias and discrimination. Additionally courses about the law of attraction and other spiritual laws will help broaden the knowledge of the next generations.

World Religion classes could also include classes on a unified spirituality! Learning how to respect the beliefs of others, while also having comfortable, and respectful boundaries, that ensures students will not push their beliefs on others, inside or outside the classroom.

Spiritual skills, such as meditation, would provide countless benefits not just to the students, but for the world. Everyone they interact with would highly benefit from this. Tenzin Gyatso the 14th and current Dalai Lama wisely said: “If every 8 year old in the world is taught meditation, we will eliminate violence from the world within one generation.

Hands-On Learning and Life Skills

Working with one’s hands is a very important tool. Learning basic repair skills and manage home and vehicle repairs would be very handy (pun intended) for most people’s day to day lives. Being able to do basic maintenance such as fixing counters and basic plumbing, while understanding basic tool functions and power tool functions is also a great asset. It would save time and money for future generations to be able to accomplish small to medium sized repair tasks.

Basic life skills are a necessity to learn. Learning the basics of nutritional values, how to cook basic, highly nutritious meals and the food groups and how they apply them to different body types should also be part of the curriculum. This should include meals and foods from as many global cultures as possible.

Other basic life skills that should be taught are home and personal hygiene, while emphasizing the importance of using natural and renewable products. Additionally teaching the importance of mental health, and learning methods to deal with depression should be included in the “Health” classes. Another basic life skill that should be included in the curriculum is how to drive a vehicle. Although the world is moving toward self-driving vehicles It is still an important life skill that can be used in emergencies.

General Finances

Education FinancesMoney is an important subject that should be covered in schools. It’s important to teach our next generations how finances work, and how it should work for them. Instead of spending most of their life working for money and not using the financial system to their advantage. Topics included would be how to save on taxes, how to properly save money and allow their savings to increase in size in programs such as Registered Retirement Savings Plans (RRSPs) or small investments like cryptocurrencies. How to set up and organize their monthly expenditure and make sure they’re not over spending on their expenses.

Additionally it should also teach about giving money away to charities that help the people whom need some help, this also helps with the law of flow and abundance. This program should remain current and updated each year to keep up with the constant changes to the financial world.

Empowering Future Generations

We should be empowering our new generations to find their own niche, as well as giving all the knowledge and information they need to make those empowered decisions. The current education systems are too focused on one set of matrices that confine children to a limited number of pathways continuing on from previous generations. Not only are many of them dysfunctional but it also limits the options to pursue their passions and excel while aiding humanity’s growth as well as their own.

Let’s create new, better educational systems for our new generations and allow them to make their own empowered choices!

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