It’s Finally Here! This New Medical Center is Naturally Healing Lifelong Ailments

We are living in incredible times. Even just ten years ago the idea of a medically licensed Shamanic Plant Medicine healing center would have been a ludicrous idea—nevermind naturally healing lifelong ailments. However, over the last few years, we have seen an unparalleled shift in global consciousness that is making room for the kinds of miracles that were previously unheard of just a short while ago. One such miracle is the introduction of the first ever medically recognized Ayahuasca plant medicine center in the world. This center is a living testament to the changing times and marks the beginning of an even deeper, more rapid expansion of consciousness. We can all take a deep breath, settle into our hearts, and offer our thanks to the universe that these sacred medicines are finally medically recognized as a legitimate method of medical treatment.

Sacred-Medicine-HealingWhat is Sacred Medicine?

For those who are unaware, Ayahuasca is an ancient shamanic plant medicine which emerged out of the Amazon over 2500 years ago—if not much earlier. This medicine comes from the roots and vines of a few specific native plants of the jungle. These plants are then combined to produce a powerful entheogenic tonic which—when ingested—allows for a profound psychoactive journey into one’s consciousness through the realms beyond the physical body.

What is an Entheogen and Why is it Relevant Today?

What is an entheogenic tonic? The word entheogen comes from two separate ancient Greek words éntheos and genésthai. Éntheos means “full of the god, inspired, possessed,” and is the root of the English word enthusiasm. Genésthai translates as “to come into being.” So an Entheogenic substance is one that helps facilitate the personal experience of our divinely inspired selves. And when it comes to Ayahuasca, this experience is second to none. Ayahuasca is not your average entheogen, however, and is now becoming widely known as a powerful spiritual catalyst—as it always has been in the indigenous traditions. The world can easily participate in using this medicine due to its gentle and supportive nature. This gentle medicine helps individuals face their inner darkness, and come out on the other side liberated and clear of their past traumas. These plant medicine ceremonies are happening under the close guidance of trained shamans, who create a sacred space for personal transformation, and support the individuals moving through their deep healing.

Healing-PrayerOver the past several years we’ve seen Ayahuasca become very well known for its ability to help individuals overcome harsh addictions, overcome past trauma, and even help cure some of the worlds deadliest diseases.

Up until recently, if you wanted to do Ayahuasca, you’d often have to find yourself going to some wilderness canopy in the middle of the jungle to participate in the medicine. However, as is mentioned above, all of that is beginning to change with the introduction of Rythmia, the first ever medically licensed sacred medicine facility.

Rythmia—The World’s First Medically Licenced Sacred Medicine Center.

Located in Costa Rica, Rythmia is an immaculate fusion of a licensed medical center, a spiritual retreat, a tropical oasis, and a shamanic plant medicine temple all in one complete package. Along with medical examinations, massages, and colonics you also receive all you can eat farm-to-table organic food, a wide variety of workshops and classes designed to uplift your spirituality and consciousness, and of course, let’s not forget Ayahuasca.

To be specific, you receive four nights of plant medicine in a row, each with its own unique blend of plant medicine from different parts of Central and South America, including Costa Rica, Brazil, Chile, and more. The ceremonies each night are facilitated by some of the world’s most gifted shamans, including occasional visits by Taita Juanito, who was raised as a shaman from the age of four years old, and whose name is very well known amongst the people across the shamanic circles through Central and South America.

Rythmia-Healing-LogoWhat’s so amazing about Rythmia is that it is a fully medically licensed facility, and acknowledged by the Costa Rican government as a proper and legitimate healing center. This is only the beginning for Plant Medicine. As word of this place gets out further and further, we will see more and more places like this be set up, allowing all of us to receive the gift of the plant medicine far and wide!

“Thank you Rythmia it’s been amazing!” -Graham Hancock, Author

Mrs. Moon’s Medicine—The Story of Rythmia’s Origins

For those interested in learning the story of how Rythmia came to be, please check out this documentary here, called Mrs. Moons Medicine.

We at Spirit Science were invited to Rythmia in February 2018 and filmed our experience while there. We are working actively on editing together the documentary, and hope to have it out within several months.

Experience This Sacred Healing For Yourself

Does the idea of participating in a sacred medicine ceremony ignite your spirit and inspire your passions? Would you like to experience the profound wisdom, unconditional love, and unbridled power of this sacred and gentle drink? If so, join us there! We will be returning to Rythmia as guest speakers several times a year to discuss the Path to Ascension, and we would love for you to take part! The dates we will be returning there are listed below.

We have even arranged for a special discount for you to save $150 on your resort fees by using the link below when you book your trip.


This will be the journey of a lifetime and may just be the catalyst for the deep personal liberation you have been looking for in your life.

Spirit Science will be guest speaking during the weeks of April 29th, August 5th, November 11th, and February 3rd next year, and we are so looking forward to seeing you there!

With tremendous love,
Jordan David
Creator, Spirit Science

For more info about Rythmia, please visit www.rythmia.com

For assistance in clearing emotional trauma, check out this article:

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