Neptune Retrograde

What To Expect During Neptune Retrograde 2018

Neptune, the 8th and farthest planet in our solar system, rules over spiritual evolution, personal transformation, and dreams. When it goes retrograde, it dispels delusions and opens your eyes to reality. Starting this June 18th, and extending through November 24th, its message is clear—it’s time to stop dreaming and start doing. Neptune retrograde wakes up the dozy dreamer in you and lovingly pushes you to get real about your life. It shows you how to start actually working towards the life we envision.

The Journey of Spiritual Evolution

Neptune Retrograde evolutionNeptune, being a planet of spirituality, provides an opportunity for incredible spiritual and personal self-growth. It is the ideal time to focus on your inner world, find what is out of place and what can be worked on. Neptune retrograde can open your eyes to reality and push you to seek the truth.

Neptune retrogrades take up 40% of every year, yet this does not make it any less powerful. This year around you are in luck, as the sometimes painful growth spurts of your spirit will be softened by positive emotions at the same time. Due to influences of other planets, this Neptune retrograde will be full of hope.

This is a great time to go forth with the life you are dreaming of, casting aside all of the negative beliefs and made-up obstacles.

Meanwhile, it is a great idea to use this time to focus on your intuition and psychic abilities. They will be heightened this period and will also help you uncover the illusions that may be holding you hostage.

Break Free from Illusions During Neptune Retrograde

Neptune’s dark side is a real blessing in disguise—it uncovers harsh realities of what you have been avoiding. While it may be painful for a moment, this truth will set you free and help you soar high in your life.

Neptune Retrograde IllusionsIf any illusions have clouded your mind in the past, they will come to the surface to be properly addressed once and for all. If you have deceived yourself about the state of your finances, career, or relationships, Neptune retrograde will point out where you are living in a fantasy world and help you understand reality—and improve it if needed.

These revelations can come not only from this life but also from a past life experience. Be on the look-out for any events that trigger a strong response in you—triggers are signs for you to heal a part of yourself.

For the deepest healing to take place, it is necessary to look inside yourself at your habits and behaviors at this time to find where you are deceiving yourself. What are you hiding from yourself? Are there behaviors that are not serving you? Neptune retrograde will help you get rid of self-sabotaging behavior and defeat any addictions.

Finally, it will gently guide you to face any negative emotions like guilt, fear, and anxiety that may have been repressed or put aside. Once these are revealed and release, the true healing can take place.

To help navigate through these times of releasing while staying centered and grounded, the spirit of the zodiac sign Pisces—ruling over this Neptune retrograde—is on your side.

How to Get in The Flow with Pisces

This Neptune retrograde is in the sign of Pisces, and it will help you go with the flow as you uncover and defeat any illusions that have unconsciously ruled over your life. Incorporating healthy habits into your routine and finding fitting ways to release any stress and leg go is vital for your success.

  • Read self-help books.
  • Practice daily meditation, breathing exercises, or yoga.
  • Remember to exercise. The sign of Pisces will especially value swimming.
  • Continue detoxifying your body to unburden yourself of toxins.
  • Absolutely avoid all toxins and drugs.
  • Stay away from things that drain your energy like toxic people, overwhelming crowded places, and negative situations.
  • Make a plan for the future to clear your mind.
  • Ponder upon and write out what your priorities are at this time.
  • Focus on developing your psychic gifts and pay attention to your dreams. Study dream interpretation.

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