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Nature Demonstrates Collective Consciousness – Train Your Superpowers…

This inspirational video captures a migration of dolphins swimming past Dana Point in Southern California. In an eye-opening display, we have the privilege of observing such a majestic sight without even really having to go anywhere. This is a phenomenal example of collective consciousness in action.

In addition to that, there’s a reason this video has generated over 14.5 million views, and it’s not just because it’s beautiful to watch. There something much deeper happening here.

These dolphins, along with the videos we share below, demonstrate what it looks like to exist with a collective consciousness. Together, these dolphins communicate through powerful sonic waves (echolocation) to connect with each other, and move as one collective body. They are aware that while they exist with individual bodies, they are also a singular collective.

Dolphins are not only the only creatures who act this way, but hundreds, if not thousands of creatures share these same collective consciousness mindset patterns, and many of them do so without even having echolocation, which gives merit to the theory that they must be communicating on a higher frequency than something we can physically see or hear, such as a frequency of pure thought or feeling.

Many scientists have theorized that what’s really happening when these animals move together, is actually a form of highly attuned present-moment-awareness. A group of scientists at the University of Sydney’s school of Biological Scientsts found that fish who move in synchronization are highly attuned to the spaces all around them, and naturally react instantaneously when other fish around them, balancing the space between all of the other creatures around them, allowing them to move as a unified body.1

Here’s an example of fish, and birds acting and behaving in this way.

So what can we learn from such behavior?

By recognizing that we are all connected and a part of the same natural ecosystems that these creatures are, we can begin to recognize that we too behave in similar ways. When we walk in crowded streets, your body naturally reacts to those around you so that you don’t run into people and knock them all over. In similar ways, if we are working together, our thoughts focus on ideas together and allow us to develop the ideas or projects further.

Thus, watching fish or birds move together in packs is a powerful demonstration of the way that we live and function too. The closer we grow to “supreme-present-moment-awareness”, the more in tune we become with ourselves, and those around us.

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Jordan David

We are all One, and if we can learn to act like it, we begin to create pockets of transformation around the globe, then all of those pockets connect with each other and spirit friends and family can all come together as One.

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