9 Moon Goddesses

9 Goddesses of the Moon You NEED to Work With for Lunar Energy

People have been working with the moon’s energy since ancient times. The moon is a strong divine feminine symbol, and it can bring out the Goddess within each person. The moon, however, has more than one identity. It actually has three main faces—new moon, full moon, and dark moon. Each is represented by different goddess of the moon. If you get to know them, and start working with them, you can deepen your lunar connection. Gathering and utilising its energy more easily.

The new moon is represented by Aphrodite, Diana, and Freya. The full moon—by Isis, Selene, and Ceres. And finally the dark moon—by Lilith, Kali, and Hecate.

The Goddesses Of The New Moon

The energy of the new moon is one of hope, new beginnings, and gentleness. The three goddesses below embody this energy.

Aphrodite: The Goddess of Love

moon goddesses new moon

Aphrodite is connected to the moon through her divine femininity. Out of all the goddess, she represents many powers of women—love and excitement, creative energy and dance, sex and beauty. Work with her when you need to manifest more love in your life, including self-love and increased self-esteem. Without being vain, there are few gods that love themselves as much as Aphrodite loves herself. Follow her example.

Diana: Roman Goddess of Moon and Birth

Diana is the goddess of the moon, the birth, and the hunt. However, her first identity is her most important one. Her name stands for ‘divine’ and ‘daylight’ because her shine made the night seem like day.

Freya: Norse Goddess of Love and War

Freya in Norse myth has a wild nature and was associated with many things—beauty, fertility, love, the moon, passion, and being a warrioress. She also has a strong connection to cats, as well as the afterlife. She can bring happiness to those who love each other and will never give up fighting for what is just and sacred.

The Goddesses Of The Full Moon

The three next goddesses symbolize the fullness of the moon’s power when it is completely open, authentic, and beautiful.

Isis: Egyptian Goddess of Rebirth

moon goddesses full moon

Goddess Isis from Egypt is the symbol of femininity itself. She is made of magic and uses it to give life. Many other goddesses used her as example of whom to become. For all of her various achievements, she is sometimes known as ‘The One Who Is All.” She can empower you today by teaching you to love fully, create passionately, and feel deeply about the beauty of life.

Selene: The Titan Goddess of The Moon

Selene is usually depicted with a lunar sphere on her head. The Greek poets wrote about her as the moon reincarnation herself. She is the goddess of mothers and daughters, fertility and love. It can help women find their intuition and inspire them to create both life and Earthly beauties.

Ceres: ‘Create’

Ceres’s name means ‘to create,’ and that is exactly what she can help you do. She can help you grow as a person by helping you pay closer attention to your characteristics that are not as favorable, and illuminate a path to transform them into favorable traits.

The Goddesses Of The Dark Moon

The moon has a hidden, dark side. It is also full of magic, and its chaotic and destructive energy is also clearing and making way for transformations.

Lilith: The Dark Moon Goddess

moon goddesses dark moon

Lilith is the most unpredictable and uncontrollable one of this list. She represents feminine vitality and power, as well as creativity and self-expression. Lilith is all about love and war, sex and fertility. She is also a rule breaker. According to the legends, she refused to stay with any man, instead she did what she wanted and loved showing off her body. Working with Lilith can help uncover your true, unapologetic self and your full potential.

Kali: The Protector

Kali commonly has a reputation of being the destructor and one that brings death. That is a misconception. She is neither good nor evil, but something greater than both. Kali is a shaman and a protector. Passionate and fierce, she is often furious about any injustices, and is not afraid to destroy in order to protect the sacred. Kali is symbol of a revolution.

Hecate: The Queen of The Night

Hecate is a Greek Goddess that is connected with the underworld and endings, but also new beginnings and transitions towards new things. She has a strong influence on older, wise women and shares her knowledge with them. While she may be irrationally feared by some, she is actually a protector, especially of those who are different, who stand out.

When working with Hecate, she will also always remind you of your own magic and keep you connected with your spiritual self.



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