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Midichlorians in the Blood? Well, Not Quite. But These Mineral Deposits in the Brain are Awesome.

Star Wars may be more like science fiction predicting future science fact than we realize. This is especially true with its idea of something present in our bodies that give us access to another sense. It’s not Midichlorians in the blood though, sorry to disappoint. It is, however, a family of minerals ranging from magnetite to maghemite in the brain.1 These crystalline mineral deposits seem to have some type of function within our consciousness as studies are finding.2 And are also responsible for our ability to sense direction according to some researchers.3 Many claim the ability to connect to the electromagnetic (EM) field our bodies project gives us access to many abilities previously considered science fiction.4

Mineral Deposits in the Brain – Quantum Interactivity

mineral deposits neuronsWhat does this mean for you? For starters, it means that you may need to reexamine all the ideas you’ve previously held about what is possible and what is not by the time you or the rest of humanity finally understands the full capacity and potential of this newfound quantum interactivity with our environment.5 With the implication of the interaction with the Earth’s EM field being a natural process for us, it also means that what you choose to spend time thinking and feeling about affects your environment. It means that the mental habits and emotional intelligence you exercise will either drain your energy and your environment (including the people in it) or improve them. It’s up to you.

What can you do to begin tapping into this Jedi-esque inner-force-like-sense of the world? Well if you are reading this article you are already doing step one, which is to seek understanding. From there, make it a daily practice for the next little while to read a few pages of material on this subject from different sources. By making it a daily activity to learn something new about a subject you are interested in you will take advantage of the neuroplasticity of your brain—forming new connections and gaining more wisdom.

mineral deposits foodsTo complement what you are reading there is an exercise to practice below as well as a set of links to further your reading. For the exercise, try to practice daily for at least 20 minutes total throughout the course of your day. Just as a quick disclaimer, just in case you think it might be clever to start gorging on minerals, please do not begin eating ground magnetite or iron in an attempt to increase the number of these magnetic crystals in your brain—you could fry some circuits you’ll need for later. These minerals form naturally in the brain from a healthy diet with natural sources of minerals. There is evidence that accumulation of metals in the brain can lead to the kind of non-crystalline deposits you don’t want there which may increase the risk of Alzheimer’s disease.6

The Exercise

Requires an AM radio with antenna
Tune the radio so that it is not quite on a station clearly but that touching the antenna with your hand clears it up. Now move your hand away so that it just barely doesn’t reach the antenna. You can be seated or standing for this, it doesn’t matter. While listening to the static in the sound, feel into your hand as though it were touching the antenna even though it is not. As you practice, you will begin to notice that as you relax into the idea of being connected to the antenna the static clears up as though you were actually touching it. Next, try placing your other hand on your heart while trying again. Notice how much easier it is, how much further you can pull your hand before the static takes over. Then try switching hands. You can also try tuning-in the radio to a station and use your imagination/visualization abilities to reach out to the antenna with the intent to interfere with the signal rather than boost it.

Let us know your results below!


Additional Resources:
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