Retrograde Lessons

Lessons Learned At The End of Another Powerful Mercury Retrograde

Mercury, the planet of communication, goes retrograde about three times a year and always wreaks havoc on communication with people or technology. While it is easy to focus on what seems like the “negative” aspects of this retrograde, all retogradres come to clear out a path for you. Mercury retrograde points out unresolved issues with people that need to be talked through as well as any confusion in your own mind. Once addressed, you are sure to come out from the retrograde a new person, better than ever, and with clarity in you life.

Remember to ask yourself, what is this teaching me? With this positive attitude, you will start seeing the gifts on each retrograde and the healing it can offer you to invite.

Following years of Mercury retrogrades and analyzing them back to back to my life’s events, here are the big lessons I learned that may resonate with you as well.

Technology Will Fix Itself

Retrograde Lessons Self Repair Technology

Before getting into the deeper topics, it is a known fact that technology tends to act out during Mercury retrograde. Laptops, cell phones, and even cars may malfunction, glitch, and just stop working. A lot of times, especially with smaller issues, all problems get resolved by themselves. So save yourself the trouble stressing out, and put your laptop and cell phone away when it does not want to cooperate. Chances are, they will start working again by themselves.

If you can avoid it, it is best to stay away from upgrades and buying new technology, but you do not have to stop your life either. If you need to do something, do it anyway, just make sure to triple check everything, take your time, and do not make a rushed decision.

The things that could not be fixed are rare, and if so, perhaps they were simply meant to leave your life. This includes material things.

Relationships Will Be Transformed

The biggest area of life that Mercury retrograde can affect is relationships, romantic, platonic, family, business relationships, and any other type. Because Mercury rules over communication, that is exactly what brings up issues between people to the surface.

It is said that this type of retrograde causes a lot of miscommunication. From my personal experience and observation, that is a little bit misguided. Conversations that are misunderstood by one person or multiple people surely can happen, however, it is not because you were not communicating clearly. If you dig deeper, you will notice that these “miscommunications” are actually triggers for things a person thought of a long time ago but was hiding their true feelings or fears.

When this happens, it is a unique opportunity to address the issue. When both people are open enough to explore the root of the situation and talk it through, the relationship between them will be transformed. In most cases, you both will feel better and more empowered. Either you will feel closer, or a feeling of relief from speaking your own truth even if it led to the relationship ending.

What I have felt, and would wish you to feel after the retrograde is over, is a feeling of ease and freedom that all issues have been finally acknowledged, and nothing was left hidden. You spoke your truth, and you grew to be a bigger person because of it.

Your Communication Skills Will Grow, If You Let Them

Retrograde Lessons CommunicationWhen any challenging communication pop up, if breathe deeply and embrace them instead of hiding your thoughts and feelings, your internal power, your light, your love, and your way of communicating will grow and improve. Like everything in life, communication is a skill, or even a “muscle,” so to speak. The more you flex your authentic communication skills, the more difficult conversations you will conquer, the easier the next ones will be. If you keep doing that, (and Mercury retrograde is a great teacher in this regard,) one day you will wake up speaking your truth and sharing your soul so effortlessly, that it will inspire others to do the same.

Radical Honesty Saves The Day

The idea of radical honesty has been coined by a psychotherapist Dr. Brad Blanton as a powerful self-improvement technique that he and other trainers now teach across the world.

The concept of radical honesty is simple, it is the implementation that takes practice. At its core, radical honesty means sharing your whole truth, the thoughts and feelings with others in a kind, loving, and authentic manner without an agenda for doing so.

Many times we speak with others in order to get a specific result. We want them to do something for us, change their mind on a topic, or an attempt to make the others understand our point of view.

Radical honesty is speaking from your heart purely to share your truth, and your authentic self—to show up in your conversations instead of sitting on the sidelines. Radical honesty means having zero attachments to how the person is going to react or which way it is going to go. Instad, it it saying, there is something on my mind and in my heart, and I will authentically share it in order to be myself.

Reach out your hand. Reach out your heart. Breath. Everything else will fall into place.

Nothing is a Mistake or an Accident

Retrograde Lessons HonestyAny conversation that happens during Mercury retrograde is not because you misspoke, miscommunicated, or did not wait until Mercury goes direct to have an important conversation. Any communication issue that pops up during the retrograde is not random; it has been there the whole time. So do not stress out about encountering real conversations. You were supposed to address these topics. Mercury retrograde is merely giving you a push to do so. Open your soul and share it authentically. You will be just fine.



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2 Responses

  1. Kenneth says:

    So my best friend moved out of our apartment after not speaking with me for almost a month. We went on vacation together and it got messy. We fought a lot. He called me just once when he was drunk pouring his heart to me. Then after a week he came back and moved out. I thought we Could still be friends. Mercury retrograde started the day I understood he moved out. I sent him lots of messages saying I was sorry and that I had changed. And apologized for many other stupid things I really didn’t mean. I was trying to be honest but it got pathetic instead. He never replied to my messages and blocked me on all social medias. I haven’t contacted him. I have Been feeling terrible, I wish I had communicated better instead of falling victim of my anxiety. Now that the retrograde is over, is there any chance I can successfully contact him? Or that he Will contact me? He still has my House key Maybe he doesn’t care. I don’t know. He has moved to another city. I feel so bad for everything.

    • Hello Kenneth,

      In your heart you must forgive him and forgive yourself for everything that has happened. Hold a space of forgiveness and love for you both, when the timing is right you two will reconnect. Wishing you all the best!

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