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From Fog to Clarity: Advance Your Spiritual Awakening

An astounding 68% of Americans take supplements and dietary vitamins, as reported by the Council for Responsible Nutrition. Vitamins are used to help fill gaps in diets and lifestyles, and specialized supplements are sought out for specific effects. As supplements become more popular, so too does in-depth psychological and physiological research of how natural vitamins, essential oils, and a wholesome diet can boost mental clarity, focus, and rid people of troublesome brain fog.

Boost Your Brain Power

To maximum spiritual exploration on your path to healing, taking brain supplements (also known as nootropics) is one such pathway to mental clarity. Nootropics are natural vitamins and dietary supplements that can lead to a powerful sense of mental clarity, creativity, and alertness. Before supplementing your diet, however, it is alway integral that you are well informed on what you take.

Ensure that any supplement you choose to incorporate into your diet is produced by a trustworthy manufacturer and be aware of mock-artificial ingredients that are often scams. These scam supplement companies are often a roadblock to the path of spiritual alertness and healing.

Omega-3: The All-Powerful Vitamin Supplement

Mental Clarity Foods

The most highly-recommended supplement for mental clarity, focus, and overall improvement of cognitive functioning is the omega-3 fatty acid. With around 1-2 recommended servings a way, omega-3 increases the functionality of your brain. 90% of your omega-3 fat is found in your brain; by supplementing that with these natural food sources, that functionality of the brain only soars (National Institutes of Health).

Some popular plant-based sources of omega-3 include chia seeds (also a superfood), brussel sprouts, flax seeds, hemp seeds, avocados and walnuts. You can also choose to supplement your diet with sustainably sourced, ocean-friendly “friend of the sea” produced fish oil. It’s no surprise how beneficial and popular omega-3 fatty foods have become; the Nutrition Business Journal reported that Americans buy $1.8 billions worth of foods concentrated with omega-3 fats.

Herb-Based Supplements

We can move beyond food and traditional vitamin tablets, however, to also experience a surge of mental and spiritual. The Gingko biloba, a herbal supplement from the ancient tree of the same name, enhances memory, thinking skills, and short term memory. It works by increases blood flow to the brain. Essential oils like rosemary, lavender, and chamomile can also be used to help reduce stress and anxiety and increase spiritual awareness.

If you’re seeking to rid yourself of troublesome brain fog and instead find yourself basking in the light of mental clarity, supplements such as omega-3 rich foods or gingko might be for you. After a bit of research on what’s best for you to take, you’ll find yourself on the pathway to booming brain functionality.



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