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5 Types of Meditation that can Help Treat Depression

Struggling with depression often effects all aspects of one’s life. It can have a negative impact much further than one’s own thoughts and emotions. To overcome this affliction and get the most of out of live we have many symptom relief methods available to us, but does this solve the root of the issue? Today we discuss 5 types of meditation that can help treat depression and allow us to solve the issue at its root!

1. Mindfulness Meditation

Mindful Sign Meditation Treats DepressionThis type of meditation is considered to be the mother of all meditation. Most types of meditation have come from mindfulness meditation and it has the most scientific research done on it and lots of evidence supporting it.

Mindfulness Meditation is being present in the moment. This meditation is about focusing on your breath so your thoughts don’t take your attention away. Many studies have been done with this type of meditation have shown to reduce depression, anxiety and stress. This type of meditation also can alter the brain in other positive ways.

2. Love and Kindness Meditation

This meditation is really good for changing your mood and emotions. It focuses on creating an attitude of love and kindness towards yourself and others. It helps to lower self-criticism which is often a large contributing factor in many mental health disorders.

Studies have shown that people who do this type of meditation reduce their depression and have a more positive outlook, with less negative emotions and a lot more compassion towards themselves and other people.

3. Breath Awareness

Breath Awareness Meditation Treats DepressionThis is a mediation focusing only on your breath to help train your mind. This is a main component on lots of different types of meditation. It helps to put you in a better mood by reducing emotional reactivity.

To do this practice take 10-20 minutes out of your day and focus only on inhaling and exhaling. You don’t need to set aside any special time to pay attention to your breath. You can do it while sitting, standing, walking or laying down. Your eyes can be open or closed.

4. Visualization

Imagery can be used in a positive way to help change how you feel about bad memories and put good images in place of the bad ones. This is called rescripting. This helps to give you a better feeling about your life and self-esteem.

Doing a visualization or imagery meditation can be found to be very pleasing and calming for most people. These can be done by yourself, with an instructor or with a guided meditation program, many free programs are available online.

5. Body Scan Meditation

Meditation Treats Depression Body ScanThis type of meditation is about focusing on different body parts and breathing. It is linked to better observations of thoughts, feelings and sensations this also reduces and (with enough practice) can even eliminate reactions to stress.

You can do this type of meditation lying down or sitting with your eyes open or closed but closed can be easier for most people. Shift you attention around to focus on different parts of your body at your own pace while also focusing on the flow of your breath.

Try these different types of meditation, experiment and see what works best for you!



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