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5 Types of Meditation Techniques to try That You can Start Today

Deciding to start a meditation practice can be difficult. With all of the different types of meditation, it can be a challenge just deciding on the type of meditation to practice. Today we share five meditation techniques for you to try! Find one you like and start a practice, or rotate through them as your practice. Here are the five meditation techniques you can try today!

1. Visualization Based Meditation

Visualization can be really relaxing and fun. You can imagine yourself anywhere you want to be such as a very relaxing place like on a beach, feel how it is to be there. The warm of the sun, the smell, how the sand feels. Feel it with all your senses.

This type of meditation is good for bringing yourself out of chronic verbal thinking as it is very calming. Just imagine and breath.

2. Mantra Based Meditation

mantra meditation with malaA mantra is typically ancient sanskrit words that are put into a meaningful phrase or it is just a sacred word like “Om.” You can even use them like affirmations. By using these you put yourself in a state of mind that is focused and relaxed. You can speak it out loud or internally.

There is an abundance of mantras with different meaning, next time you meditate, find a mantra to use during it and repeat it to yourself so you remain focused on it. Make sure to align it with your breath so you have a constant rhythm going. If you enjoy this type of meditation you can also get a mala and make this your regular practice.

3. Breath Focused Meditation

You do this for as little as 5 minutes or longer if you wish. This is very good to practice if you are a beginner or starting again. Sit anywhere comfortable and close your eyes and focus on your natural breaths, counting them can help you get into a more meditative state as well. If your mind starts to wander, just remember your breathing and bring your focus back on that. Focusing on your breath will make you more mindful and connected, making a big difference in your day. This helps increase your focusing abilities. By focusing on your breath you allow your mind to relax.

4. Walking Meditation

walking meditationThis meditation brings a lot of self-awareness when you do it. Start by walking slowly and feeling all your muscles moving, be aware of your body and how it walks. Try to synchronize your breath with your steps also. It is best to do this outside in a nice, quiet environment. When you feel your mind wandering just bring it back to focusing on your walking.

If you need time away from the office or anywhere. This meditation can be very relaxing, it can help release tension in the mind and body. Additionally you will be getting a bit of exercise which is always good.

5. Empty Mind Meditation

This meditation is also good for beginners. Sit down, get comfortable, close your eyes and enjoy the silence. Let thoughts enter your mind and flow out. Don’t get attached to your thoughts, just observe them and let them go.

This type of meditation is good to do of you don’t want to focus on anything in particular and you just want to relax. This type of meditation enhances your existing meditation practices.



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