New Moon in Taurus

Take Advantage of the May New Moon in Taurus to Transform Your Physical World

Grounded and patient Taurus is not a dreamer but a doer. Taurus is dependable and persistent in its mission, while also independent in its actions. It does not take circumstances as excuses and can use its strong will to become unstoppable in reaching its goals. Taurus ruling over this May new moon wants you to turn your dreams into practical action steps leading to success.

On May 15th, the new moon in Taurus offers an incredible opportunity to make a big step in the direction of not just imagining, but achieving your dreams.

New Moon in Taurus ManifestWhen making your list of things to manifest and setting intentions, focus on actual steps you are going to do to reach these goals.

Intention setting is amplified this May new moon as Uranus enters Taurus and will stay there for the next seven years. Uranus is all about breaking rules and rebuilding anew. Together with the new moon, it brings incredible manifestation energy that will affect you for seven years—so make sure to think long term.

When setting intentions during the May new moon, you can consider the following areas of your life and see where there can be improvement and evolution.

Take Financial Strides

If you have been playing small in your financial life, it is time to turn it all around. If you were thinking of investing in a business, setting up a savings fund, or asking for a raise, now may be the time to do so. Taurus invites us to make the changes needed and provides the motivation to see them through.

New Moon in Taurus Remove Toxic InfluencesRemove Toxic Influences

Taurus can be impacted by the energies of others. It will not be happy if you have any people or situations in your life that are draining your energy that need to be addressed. Toxic people, unfinished arguments, and projects that are not working out, all need to go. The good news is, the May new moon in Taurus will give you all the energy you need to facilitate a healthy letting go process.

Transform Your Belief System

May new moon provides stable, positive energy that will clear your mind and open you up to new high-vibrational ways of thinking. You may experience a change in the way you view your spirituality, philosophical beliefs, or your mind. And in this change, these may all positively transform. If you would like to make practical changes in these areas, implement them before the full moon on May 28th for the best results.

May New Moon: Commit to Changing (Your) Life

Because Taurus is a down to Earth sign, it is fully immersed in the physical world. May’s new moon in Taurus happening at the same time as Uranus is shifting into Taurus is a rare opportunity to transform the physical world—and not just your own.

The whole world will be positively affected by this period. Taurus’s willpower gives you the strength you need to commit to making these changes happen. It is time for big changes, big goals, and preparation for big successes.

Commit to big changes—bigger than you ever thought could be possible—and go forth with your manifestation in clear sight. A grand life is waiting for you.


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