10 Masculine and Feminine Archetypes That Promote Massive Self-Growth

A lot of challenges in this world, both external and internal, stems from unbalanced energies. As a solution, there are techniques to balance chakras, emotions, and even physical attributes of our bodies. There is another type of energy that is drawing more awareness to it these days as it affects our society at large. That is the masculine and feminine archetypes. Both are a part of each and every one of us, and tapping into all different aspects of both of them ultimately leads to an immense growth and transformation not just on the individual level but on a community level.

Misconceptions about Masculine and Feminine Archetypes

Let’s be clear—masculine and feminine archetypes have nothing to do with either gender or sex. Both polarities exist in every person expressing themselves in different ways. A lot of tension in today’s world is triggered by the unbalanced expression of this divine energetic union.

Only by accessing all parts of both your masculine and feminine energies can you truly be free, powerful, and fully self-expressed. By integrating the energies inside yourself you will also help the global community to move towards that direction as well—peace in the wake of the divine union.

Tap Into Divine Feminine Energy Archetypes

The primary feminine energy archetype is the divine goddess energy in each of us. Feminine energy is fluid and creative. If you think about it in sacred geometry terms it is represented by a spiral or a wavy line.

There are few more powerful feminine archetypes you can tap into to access its power. The main ones are as follows:

Archetypes GoddessThe Goddess. As stated above, this is the main feminine archetype. It leads to the direct connection with source energy and creation. It is mysterious, yet welcoming and kind. Tap into your Goddess when you need inspiration, intuitive guidance, and creative energy. Your inner Goddess will also come out when seeking new experiences and adventures, and when looking for new possibilities in life.

The Nurturer. This is also the mother. This is the archetype that gives life to everything it touches. It can be giving birth or giving life in an energetic sense—giving life to those who need help or healing and to experiences that are starting to stale. The Nurturer is selfless and its love is unconditional. It is all about creating conscious connections with others. It is also a visionary. Call upon the Nurturer if you are looking for like-minded people and building communities, or wanting to create a safe home for yourself or others.

The Warrioress. This is the fierce ‘Mother bear’ archetype. When an action needs to take place, this archetype allows decisive and courageous action. It provides the wisdom to know exactly what to do, and there is no stopping it. While the masculine warrior archetype is greatly based on the physical realms of power, the warrioress’s power lies in the mind. This archetype allows you to fight for the greater good, full of compassion and humility, with a drive as if nothing can stop you. Call upon the warrioress when you need to make big decisions in your life and ask for the courage to go forth with your intentions.

Unconditional Love. This archetype runs much deeper than intimacy. Unconditional Love unites and bonds together loving souls. It contains the energy of passion for life itself and its divine expression. Unconditional Love in you is also very sensual and expresses it in every detail—how you dress, how you look, and how you present yourself to the world. When you embody this archetype, you become open to human touch; you have a healthy love for your body and its beauty; and you are excited for human connection of the minds, bodies, and souls. To help awaken this archetype in you, try dancing, yoga, or any other body movements. Unconditional Love wants to feel the joy for life.

The Wise One. This has always been one of the most needed archetypes in any community. It is the one that brings people together, creates the sense of oneness in the home, and is called upon in any time of need to share lifelong wisdom. Call upon this archetype when you need serious guidance or are at a fork in the road. The quiet Wise One is thoughtful and observant using both knowledge and intuition. When embodying this archetype you will know what the right thing is to do.

Tap Into Divine Masculine Energy Archetypes

The divine masculine energy is the god and leader energy in each of us. Masculine energy is direct and full of action. In sacred geometry terms, it is represented by straight lines.

Divine masculine has a few different archetypes, and the main four has been first described by famous psychologist Carl Jung. These are King, Warrior, Magician, and Lover. All four are very similar to divine feminine archetypes, however, the energy they are expressed in is different. These presented below are based on these traditional archetypes.

Archetypes GodThe God. This is the first archetype of the divine masculine. He is not described by Jung but is a commonly-known one in esoteric texts. Like the Goddess, the God represents the divine direct connection to the Source. He is unconditional peace; he is the mystical experience of life. Connect with the God in you when you wish to connect to the universe in a straightforward and direct kind of way.

The Wayfarer. This is the leader who is fair and just, grounded and stable. The power is of a collected demeanor and divine in its source. In fact, it is actually the perfect union between Earth and the world of the divine—a perfect balance. It allows for a sense of confidence and control of a situation. Whoever is next to someone embodying this archetype feels protected, guided, and loved. Look for the Wayfarer in you, when you are searching for your purpose in life.

The Warrior. This is the fearless yet not forceful aspect of the self; it is here to protect, not attack. It is not hesitant to join the fight, but only when it is the right battle. Because the Warrior is extremely loyal, it will fight for those it holds dear. When faced with a battle, it adapts easily to any situations and welcomes challenges, as it can overcome them all. This archetype also often initiates taking action and moving towards a mission. Tap into your Warrior energy when you need help reaching your goals and becoming your greatest self.

The Wizard. This is the archetype always seeking knowledge. It is not just the knowledge one can read in books that it is after, but rather gaining wisdom and skills from years of diligent work and practice in a chosen subject. It can be medicine, science, technology, or an art form, and most importantly the mastery of Self. Knowing yourself comes in handy and the Wizard is the one making the decisions out of all divine masculine archetypes. Using both intellectual and spiritual knowledge, the Wizard chooses the best path and learns from where it leads. Learn from the Wizard when you are studying a subject, a skill, or yourself.

The Lover. This is the archetype of open emotions and fulfilled desires. It represents all kinds of love in this world—romantic, platonic, family love, self-love, and love for humanity. The lover feels everything deeply, does not try to repress the emotions or hide them from others. The Lover is social, reads people easily, and is eager to make meaningful connections. Connect with the Lover in you when you need to connect deeper with your emotions and your love for the world and existence itself.

As you see, the masculine and feminine energies are deeply connected and are similar. The God and the Goddess, the Wayfarer and the Nurturer, the Warrior and the Warrioress, The Lover and Unconditional Love, and the Wizard and the Wise One all have a similar mission. It is the way they go about things that are slightly different. The masculine is more direct, action-oriented, and stems from the mind, while the feminine is more creative, in the flow, and comes from the heart and intuition.

Depending on where you are in your life, you are likely familiar with some of these energies in you! Both feminine and masculine as each person has both. Invite the archetypes into your life, live in true power, and see how they positively shift your life.

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