Mars Retrograde

Another Chaotic Mars Retrograde? Nope. Here’s Your Roadmap to Success.

Just as everyone adjusts to Pluto, Jupiter and Saturn retrogrades—as well as the recent Neptune retrograde—another planet now joins the party. Mars is the fifth planet that will be retrograde as of this June. It will go retrograde on June 26th, 2018 and stay there until August 27th. And this Mars retrograde is going to spice things up a bit with a little bit of guidance.

Mars, a planet of action-oriented masculine energy is one of war, survival, and desire. On its best, Mars offers the drive and enthusiasm to succeed and the freedom to express and ask what you want. On its worst, it causes anger, aggression, and impulsiveness.

When this planet goes retrograde, it can unleash the energy of both worlds—the passionate creative energy and the angry destructive energy. Knowing how to temper one while expressing the other will serve you to turn the chaos of Mars retrograde into fuel that opens up roads for you.

Use Emotional Triggers to Clear Blocks

Mars Retrograde SmashThe impulsive Mars can bring the animal survival instincts out of you, and when things do not go as expected, this can lead to trouble. This rebel energy is triggered if you have not been fighting for your individual freedoms and wants. If you have been denying yourself too long, the aggression can come out.

There is no need to be concerned, however. The easiest way to tame the wild Mars is to openly dig inside yourself to see where you have unmet needs. Notice any emotional triggers—each of them is a clue to your subconscious. Have you courageously asked for what you want? As soon as you do that, as soon as you allow yourself to have that bold voice, the aggression will disappear, and Mars’s energy will have no need to act out through you.

Turn Passion into Mindful Action

Instead of focusing on the chaotic side of Mars retrograde, turn your attention to action. The passion that Mars provides can be used to start working on projects. Be aware though that it is best not to start new projects until Mars goes direct. Until then, turn inward to find out if you are going in the right direction towards your dreams and create an actionable to-do list accordingly.

The situations that are good to take action on during Mars retrograde are of old unfinished problems.

Are you in a fight with someone close to you? The best action during Mars retrograde is resolving conflicts through compromise. Reach out to those who you have been angry at and see how you can fix the relationship.

Have you stopped working on a project because of personal excuses like laziness or lack of confidence? Now is the time to go back to these projects with a renewed motivation for success.

What to Do and Not To Do During Mars Retrograde

Mars retrograde can be chaotic if it brings out negative emotions to light, but all it is doing is pointing out areas in your life that you are not satisfied with. It can be challenging as it pushes you to go face to face against old obstacles and confrontational situations you may have been avoiding.

However, there is a goal to this madness. By the time Mars goes direct, if you follow its guidance, you should have a clear mind with a fresh direction in life, more confidence, and less if any old obstacles standing in your way.

Mars Retrograde AchieveA few final pieces of advice to successfully advance through a Mars retrograde are the following:

Be careful with…

Hurrying to get places. Action-driven Mars is often careless, and you may become so as well. Mars retrograde brings more chances of any type of injuries due to carelessness. This is why it is important to not speed when driving, and do everything mindfully, especially when working with sharp objects.

Your anger. Feeling angry is more likely to happen during Mars retrograde. Like other emotions, anger is a signal your body is giving you about a situation in your life. When this situation is resolved, anger will not be an issue.

Fighting. Speaking of anger, Mars retrograde can bring out conflicts that did not have a previous resolution. Instead of fighting, as it will not help anyone, focus on compromising and listing instead.

Resist urges to let go. This is not a sentence we hear often. Generally speaking, letting go is a wonderful thing—except when it is during the aggressive and impulsive Mars. Action-driven, Mars does not take everything into consideration, which is why it is important to take your time and to sit on your decision if you feel a spontaneous urge to let go of a relationship, job, or opportunity.

What to do instead…

Focus on introspection. All negative emotions that may come up are there to serve you. Being mindful of how you feel will help you uncover where improvement is needed. This will help you become completely clear on your goals and direction by the time Mars retrograde ends.

Reassess your goals and dreams. When analyzing your internal world, make sure to ask yourself if your life is moving in the appropriate direction. Are you feeling fulfilled by your relationships and connections, career, money, health, spirituality, and sex life? If not, this is a great time to create an action list to follow when Mars goes direct.

Review your actions. While writing a list of things to do for the future, also take a look at what are you doing now and if it is serving you. This includes your actions, behaviors, and attitudes. Your actions do affect the outcomes of your dreams.

Ask yourself honestly if you are happy with your communication skills, social skills, or any skills you need to find the success you are reaching for? If not, add learning these skills and attitudes to your ‘Mars direct’ action to-do list.

If you follow the above recommendation, you will meet Mars going direct with a new purpose, a clear mind, and ready for success.

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