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10 Law of Attraction Exercises to Help You Manifest Your Dreams

On the road to self-empowerment? Wanting to learn so new way to harness the power of the Law of Attraction?

Today we share 10 exercises to help you manifest your dreams!

1. Make a Vision boardManifest using a Vision Board

Making a vision board is simple, get a big piece of paper preferably a thicker type of paper. And look for pictures and words that represent your goals to fill the board with. Hang it somewhere that you will see daily and you will be reminded of your goals.

2. Make a Gratitude List

Try to always be thankful for everything in your life. Make a Gratitude list and write everything you are grateful for in your life right now. Everyday try to write a few things down that you are grateful for. Being grateful with help manifest things quickly into your life.

3. Practice Visualization

You can use the dream board to help you visualize your goals and dreams. Go somewhere comfortable, close your eyes and imagine your dreams coming true. Focus on details and the feelings you are having. Doing visualization from a third person perspective can be helpful to, so you see yourself how others will see you achieving your goal. Also make sure to do multi-sensory visualization. Use all your senses like it is real life.

4. Practice Meditation

Doing meditations, at least once a day, will help you calm your mind, have better focus and to see things more positively. It will put you into a receiving mode so it will be easier to manifest your goals. You can start with 5 minute meditations and then move up as you practice more. Ideally we should meditate for as many minutes a day as years we have lived on this earth. For example if you are 36 years old, it is ideal to meditate for at least 36 minutes a day.

5. Set Goals

manifest law of attractionMake a list or put goals down on your dream board of things you want to do, accomplish or manifest. Try to keep them positive making sure it doesn’t sound or feel like you are lacking. For example instead of saying “I want to make more money” which sounds like your lacking in weath try to say “I appreciate the increasing wealth in my life!

6. Live as if it is Already Real

Acting as if you already have your dream fulfilled and feeling like you already have what you want will help bring more into your life because like attracts like. If you act like you are abundant in your manifestation goal then it will come.The positivity vibrations from this practice are very strong.

7. Remember to Let Go

let go law of attractionMake sure you aren’t obsessing and worrying over it. It will come, you just need to give yourself and the universe some time. Finding little tricks to let go of it and being happy without it in your life will help it come faster. It also makes you feel great right now!

8. Stay Positive

This can be a bit hard sometimes as we don’t always have ideal days but do your best to be kind, smile and laugh. Don’t get angry or upset and don’t complain. Do your best to have fun and help others to be more positive.

9. Make a to-do List

This will help you to accomplish your goals If you have an idea or opportunity, writing this list down will help you remember to take the required actions. This will bring you closer to manifesting what you want because you will be taking action.

10. Make a Wish List

This is similar to dream board but it is a more specific list. Be very specific about what you want and this will help you to send clear messages to the universe so you will be be to manifest exactly what you want, or find something even better along the way!

The Secret, by Rhonda Byrne, Atria Books/Beyond Words, 2006.


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