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Mandalas: Spiritual Art that can Assist in Spiritual Growth

Mandalas are used to aid one in their spiritual journey. It symbolizes unity, balance, cosmic and physic order. It is a symbol in both Hinduism and Buddhism but they are also used all around the world and in a wide variety of cultures by so many different types of people, including psychiatrists and therapists.

The Origin of Mandalas

Mandalas Hand PaintedThe word mandala is a Sanskrit word that means circle as most mandalas are circular in shape. The mandala also has a symbolic meaning which can vary depending on color, culture and the geometric elements within the mandala. It can help people to find their place in the universe and help center their mind and body.

When you use a mandala, it can help bring you into a more meditative space. It is designed in such a way that captures the mind and lets your thoughts slow down and flow more easily. You start to use the creative parts of your brain while the analytical parts of the brain take a break.

Mandalas as a Meditation Aid

One of the ways to use a mandala is for meditation. While you meditate, you can focus on a mandala. Make sure to pick one that relates to your intention of whatever you are seeking. When you start meditating focus on the mandala, let your thoughts flow freely as you take in all the fine details of the mandala. Bring your attention back to the mandala if you start to lost in thought or become uncomfortable. As you focus, insights and feelings will come to you and so might the answer you were seeking.

You can also use the mandala to bring out your creative side by coloring or painting them. This will bring you to a place of healing, insight, relaxation and creativity. Meditating with a mandala that you have made can help to bring more insight as it is personal and has special content specifically for you.

MandalasEach color has a specific meaning for a mandala they are:

  • Pink for love, femininity and intuition
  • Red for strength, energy and passion
  • Orange for creativity, self-awareness, intuition and transformation
  • Yellow for wisdom, learning, laughter and happiness
  • Green for physical healing, nature, caring and psychic ability
  • Blue for emotional healing, inner peace and meditation
  • Purple for all things spiritual and spiritual focus
  • Black for deep thinking, mystery and individuality

Coloring mandalas is also a good healing tool and is great for removing stress and anxiety from our lives. It also helps with overcoming depression. Additionally mandalas help to bring out your creative side which can be very helpful if you are stuck in your mind.

Whether you make your own mandala or just meditate on one. Allowing the experience and not forcing an specific outcome will help you find the answers you are seeking. If you’d like to start by coloring in Mandalas we make a Spirit Mandalas Coloring Book, check it out here!



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    I still don’t know how to make a mandala… But its so insightful! Love it!

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