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How To Find Out Your Life Path Number That Gives You A Look Into Your Destiny

The essence of your life can be understood from calculating just one number—the life path number. It is connected with other numerological cycles of your life, and all have to be taken into consideration when viewing your numerological influences. However, knowing your life path number can tell you three important aspects of your life:

Your life’s purpose. This will not tell you a career path but rather the direction you should apply it. Are you here to help others or to focus on your own growth?

Your energetic personality and tendencies. Who are you being in this lifetime? A hardworking life-learner or a free-spirited adventurer?

Your life’s challenges and obstacles to overcome. Are you having more problems in the aspect of money, career, or relationships?

How To Calculate Your Life Path NumberLife Path Number

It is easy to find out your life path number. All you have to do is add single digits of your complete birthday: month, day, and year.

Let’s take the birthday of famous inventor Nikola Tesla as an example. It was July 10, 1856.

To calculate what his life path was add 7+1+0+1+8+5+6=28

When you get a two digits number, add the digits again. 2+8=10 and finally 1+0=1

Exceptions are—11, 22, and 33; they have a special meaning.

Tesla’s life path number was 1.

People who have a 1 life path number are leaders of their fields. They dedicate their whole life to their work and their mission.

Other 1s were Steve Jobs, Henry Ford, Martin Luther King Jr. and many others.

Are you also a leader or do you have another role in this lifetime? Your life path number will tell you.

Life Path 1 — The Leader

If your life path number is one, you are destined to be a leader, an innovator, an independent and original creator. This number gives you confidence, energy, and determination to see your life mission succeed.

If you are out of alignment with your purpose and your higher self, life path number one can make you either dominating and narcissistic, or the opposite, insecure and feeling like the victim. If you are experiencing either of these polar opposite radicals, you need to get back to your true self and your main mission in life.

The key to success for life path number one is to find what you are passionate about and express it in every area of your life authentically and fully.

Life Path 2 — The Mediator

The purpose of life path number two is to find balance and harmony in everything that you do. The people on this path are good diplomats and supporting hands for big projects. It makes you patient, detail oriented and very intuitive—you can sense what the other people could use help with or how to find the middle ground between two ideas or two disagreeing individuals.two paths

If you are out of alignment, you will feel resentful for not being the leader, and act out in childish ways and/or manipulate those you are meant to help. It can also make you become self-absorbed and overly dependent on others.

The key to this path is to find work in a group setting where you feel welcomed and needed.

Life Path 3 — The Communicator

Life path number Three gives you the creativity, optimism, and intelligence to self-express. You are in tune with your emotions and feeling joyful most of the time. Number threes are great artists, writers, and actors.

If you are a life path number Three who is out of alignment, you may become either emotionally unstable , fearful, and in some situations even inappropriate, or insincere and superficial.

Your task in this lifetime is to commit to developing and using your creative gifts while driving away any fears—and making your livelihood with your talents.

Life Path 4 — The Teacher

If you are life path number Four, your mission is to be a trustworthy, dependable and stable individual whom others can learn from and rely on. People need someone to turn to when they are confused about life or when things get tough. You are this person.

Out of alignment number 4 will become bossy and rigid as well as careless and disorganized. A lot of bad bosses and managers are number Fours.

To success as a number Four, you should pick a career you are truly passionate about, not just the one that earns a lot of money. This way you will be a great teacher to others when dedicating a lifetime to your work.

Life Path 5 — The Freedom Seeker

Number Fives are the true adventurers. If you are number Five, you probably enjoy thrill seeking and endless travel. You are very independent and fearless.

Out of alignment, number Five life path person will feel restless and emotional, perhaps even erratic and overwhelmed by everything.

The one task of number Five is simple—explore as much of what life has to offer, travel the world, and have the adventures others wish they could have.

Life Path 6 — The Nurturer

Number Sixes are family oriented, nurturing and loving individuals who are very devoted to those who are close to them. As a Six, you may want to be of service to your family, your community, or those who are in need of help. At the same time, Sixes do not like to work for others, so you may want to create a business and be able to help on your terms.

When out of alignment, you may start to feel self-righteous and want to meddle into others’ affairs.

The key to a Number Six life path is to hold the vision that you have to help the world but let go of your need to control every single detail about it.

Life Path 7 — The Seeker

The task of number Seven life path is to develop spirituality and intuition as well as analytical mindset. These are balanced and centered individuals who bring harmony to the left and right brain ways of thinking.

If you are out of alignment as a Seven, you will become pessimistic and distrustful or stuck in your head and easily frustrated.

Your mission in this life is to incorporate both your intellectual side and intuitive gifts into your career and personal life.

Life Path 8 — The Powerhouse

If your life path number is number Eight, your task is to create a healthy relationship with authority, power, and money—and use that as example for the rest of the world. It is a path of material achievements but used in a positive way. This three-dimensional world could not function without it.

On the path

When unaligned, you can become ego-driven and a bully or a powerless victim.

The keys to overcoming these obstacles and finding success is to accept your greatness and welcome financial success. There is a world of good you can do with it.

Life Path 9 — the Humanitarian

If you are life path number Nine, your task is to develop your spiritual gifts and use them in humanitarian ways, or help as many people as you can with your talents. You are wise and creative with high integrity, and your generosity and kindness are magnetic to others.

When out of alignment, life path number Nines will experience feeling emotionally distant from others and resentful towards those who do not appreciate the help. An aligned Nine helps and loves unconditionally with no expectation of return.

The key to success as a number Nine is to find the flow with both your giving and your creative urges.

Master Life Path Numbers: 11, 22, and 33

Those who have master life path:

Number 11 have the energy of number Two plus extra influences. An Eleven person is a spiritual catalyst. Your mission is highly connected with a higher spiritual purpose.

When aligned, you are a spiritually gifted master, when not aligned—a resentful wounded healer.

The key to your life is to master your whole life. What it means changes from person to person. What does this mean to you? You will know when it feels right.

Number 22 draws from number Four’s energy but is also the master teacher. You are here to help others build their lives to their full potential both long-term and on a day to day basis.

When out of alignment, you can become lazy and irresponsible or overly controlling and micromanage everything.

The key to this life path is to remember the big picture and build something that creates real change in the lives of many people and for many years to come.

Number 33 is the master path of number Six—the Illuminated Nurturer. You are here to use your nurturing abilities to make other lives more joyful and meaningful.

Out of alignment, number Thirty Three can become addicted to things and have self-destructive tendencies, always living for others, and so forgetting to take care of their internal world.

The key to success for number Thirty Three is becoming a compassionate healer and an inspiration to others.



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