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October 8 New Moon in Libra – Time to Stand Up for Yourself in Relationships

Every new moon is an opportunity to reset your life, to start over, to get rid of what did not work in the recent past and to invite new things. On October 8th the new moon begins in Libra, a zodiac sign of justice and balance. It is also a sign ruled by the planet Venus, which is the planet of love. This is the planet that is retrograde at this time from October 5th to November 16th, 2018.

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Combined these two astrological events are likely to go through your personal relationship with eye-opening radical honesty. If have been in a dysfunctional, toxic, or just a relationship that does not serve you; if have been lying about single-hood being fulfilling for you—this new moon is a good opportunity to start setting intentions for what you want and deserve, or maybe take some time to be alone and reinvent yourself in order to match the vibration of the relationship you are looking for.

Should you choose to go through this transformation, this Venus-driven period will go by easy instead of painful. It is when you refuse to grow that the planetary energy can become intense. Whether by choice or not, Venus’ energy will make you stand up for yourself and your needs in your romantic life.

Libra Can Bring Peace In Relationships

There is no need to worry about asking this change for what you want, or what you want being too aggressive. Libra is a peacemaker, and not only will it want you to be happy and fulfilled but everyone involved as well.

An unbalanced Libra attitude is an all-or-nothing mentality, but following its true guidance is nothing less than balance and harmony. Libra helps you see the world from the others’ perspective, thus it will be easy to stand up not only for yourself but the needs of others as well. Two make a relationship, and being in one, you can never feel fulfilled if the other person is not happy as well.

October 8 New Moon—Everyone Has To Win

Libra CoupleLibra brings justice to any situation, but it does not make winners and losers. This time everyone has to win.

It is time to temper the recent full moon in Aries and its fiery nature prone to conflict, and instead focus on co-creation, healing, and resolution of conflicts.

One of the main reasons for human relationships is that all of us can grow together. It is easier to change and transform when someone who sees us clearly, acts as a mirror in front of our face.

This growth can and should happen lovingly and in full support of another. This is how you also sort through and discard toxic relationships. They are the ones that point out your flaws or shortcomings with anger or looking down on you. The right partner not only wants you to grow in a healthy manner, they also see you as already perfect and a true light of this world.

Libra is just, and it will create the environment where you can ask to have your needs fulfilled, and at the same time be mindful of our actions towards the others. You will know when you are with the right person or people, because they will use this energy together with you to make everything better.



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