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Kinesis – 5 Kinetic Abilities You Can Start Practicing Today

Kinetic powers, sometimes referred to as kinesis are powerful superhuman abilities of manipulating the world around you. There are hundreds of different kinetics powers, but a few stand out as the most commonly known. There are not many who practice these openly but the topic is gaining popularity and interest as human spiritual evolution continues.

The human mind is incredibly powerful and still very unexplored. Have you ever turned on a TV without touching the remote or felt like you were lightly levitating during your meditation? Many people report these strange occurrences. Some scientists who are not afraid to take a peek into the unknown such as Russian Alexandr Aksakov in 1890 and J.B. Rhine in the early 20th century as well as researchers at Princeton University have studied unusually gifted people and conducted experiments of the kinetic abilities.

Some known cases—although questioned by skeptics—are Matthew Manning’s metal-bending and manipulation of electricity, Nina Kulagina’s ability to control matter, and Tibetan Monks manipulation of their own body temperature.

If these people could access these abilities, you too have the power within your mind to do so as well.

A Must For Using Psychic Powers

Kinesis HandYou may ask, if anyone has the ability to tap into these powers, why are they so rare? To use these powers, there are specific instructions described in The Llewellyn Complete Book of Psychic Empowerment.

Before starting, you mind has to go onto the “alert stage” it must have a clear plan, see a detailed vision of this plan, and have an unbreakable belief that it will succeed. When the mind is ready, “the centering stage” begins where psychic power is generated. Third step is “the focusing stage” where the mind remains clear and is now aiming at the matter you are trying to manipulate. The final stage is ‘the releasing stage’ where the energy travels from you to the object and manipulates it.

These instructions will help using any of the kinetic abilities.

1. Telekinesis/Psychokinesis: Moving Objects

Telekinesis is a psychic power giving you the ability to move any objects with your mind. Researchers have studied micro telekinesis referring to movement so small they are not visible with naked eyes. These movements may be more common than we think. The movements that are visible are called macro telekinesis.

The keys to telekinesis and other kinetic powers are extreme concentration and a clear mind. A strong meditation practice is needed to achieve that.

Kinesis Pyrokinesis

2. Pyrokinesis: Fire-bending

Pyrokinesis is the ability to manipulate fire. As a beginner, you can change the shape or size of a candle flame or a bonfire, and as an advance trainee you may be able to go as far as start and put out fires. The easiest way to practice is with a lit candle by using your mind to make the flame grow taller or shorter or bend from side to side.

Just be sure to test in a room that does not have air currents that could move the flame!

3. Aerokinesis: Air-bending

Aerokinesis is “air-bending”, meaning one can manipulate air particles and wind. It is one of the easiest powers to practice as air is everywhere around you. The best practice is increasing the wind’s speed or changing its direction, often done using small and bending branches of trees. Go outside and focus on the wind while willing it with your mind to alter its direction or speed.

4. Hydrokinesis: Water-bending

Hydrokinesis is “water-bending”. Having this power you can create more waves in the ocean, or at its peak ability even help stop or slow down a tsunami. To train you can focus on a bowl of water and try to create ripples or change the water’s temperature.

You can do the same when standing next to a lake or another body of water.

5. Omnikinesis: Manipulating Everything

Omnikinesis is not the power you want to start with, but I wanted to include it in this list to show you what may be possible. Omnikinesis is the ability to manipulate matter thus altering everything. Someone who is successful at omnikinesis have competed training for all of the other kinetic powers first. Besides the more well-known telekinesis, pyrokinesis, aerokinesis, and hydrokinesis, there are many more to learn.

Other Kinetic Powers

Kinesis TimeThe less-known kinetic powers that were not a part of this article, such as:

  • Chronokinesis – the ability to manipulate time
  • Thermokinesis – the ability to manipulate temperature
  • Ergokinesis – the ability to manipulate energy
  • Cryokinesis – the ability to manipulate ice
  • Botanokinesis – the ability to manipulate plants
  • Umbrakinesis – the ability to manipulate darkness
  • Ferrokinesis – the ability to manipulate metal
  • Electrokinesis – the ability to manipulate electricity
  • Photokinesis – the ability to manipulate light

Do you think you have any of these powers or know someone who does? Leave a comment below and I will write an article to go deeper into the specific power listed.



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10 Responses

  1. danika acton says:

    I feel like I may be able to manipulate time, dive deeper plz

  2. Kyle says:

    I can weild darkness,energy and time still havent mastered time im getting there

    • Blake Schuetz says:

      Also, I think I might have some Volukinesis, do you know any practice methods to determine if I do have Volukinesis or achieve it?

  3. Lincoln says:

    I interested in Chronokinesis,how to do it?

  4. Sindre says:

    Great article! Helps bring in the new paradigm and release the old 🙏🏼 Thanks

  5. Clodagh Maguire says:

    I have A kinetic body
    Extra ordinary sensitive to energy.
    I know I have the power to affect things around me like break glass.
    I affect things around me very strongly and this has only become stronger the more my energy rises with mother earth.
    I love to hear more and thank you for creating space to have this conversation and making the world a better place as a result . 🙏

  6. Dean A Darnell says:

    I’m able to manipulate the weather. It began with making it rain, then creating the clouds to make rain, then making them disappear. I have been working on creating cool weather for the summer and am making progress. The possibilities for all kinds of kinesis are endless. My next attempt will to create my own air conditioning . I learned the basics of kinesis appx. 40 years ago then quit doing it. But now I’m back! I want to learn long-distance mind control, not to hurt people but to help them. I fear for my country. I want to get it back on its feet in a balanced, kind way. I’m an old man now. With what little time I have left, I want to give back. Congress must go back to work.

  7. Phil says:

    I want to learn chronokinesis because i feel out of time
    seconds becomes minutes and minutes becomes seconds
    hours and days can go by in the span of seconds ,but 1 second can last a year for me

  8. Lahn says:

    Kadang saya melihat(dgn indra lain) waktu yg lambat

  9. Blake Schuetz says:

    I suggest adding more information on other kinetic abilities to practice.

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