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Unveil the True Energy of This Misunderstood Goddess – Kali

If the Hindu Goddess Kali has ever came to you in meditation, a dream, or an astral projection, it often comes as a surprise. She is not usually represented as a familiar loving guide. Her blue skin, tribal markings, long tongue, and a decapitated head she is holding in one of her arms can at first look a bit spooky, but getting to know her releases a lot of fears around destruction. This darkness can heal, purify, release, and set you free.

Kali is one of Hindu deities, but recently more of them appear to people in the Western world to work with them—myself included. Her teachings and energy can serve as a purification tool for the shadow self in each of us, as well as the planet itself.

To work well with her energy, you must first understand her.

Kali Brings Liberation

The following is an analysis of Kali from multiple traditional teachings and from a more “Western” perspective.

In historical texts, Kali was not always portrayed as her full self; in fact, it was a journey to get there. First mentions of her energy were described in 1200-1000 BCE as just a black tongue, one of seven of Agni, the God of Fire. Kali got her form 400 years later, but it took another 200 years for her to receive her battlefield goddess title. She was described as going to war and battling demons. In war, she was personifying the anger of Durga, the Mother Goddess of the Universe—a protector who battles evil.

Kali ParvatiIn 500-1000 CE Kali was first described as working with Shiva, one of the three main Hindu gods, and the god of destruction. The three are Brahma: the Universe’s creator, Vishnu: the Universe’s savior, and Shiva: the Universe’s destroyer. Ancient texts depict that Shiva either merges with his wife Parvati (the Goddess of Family and Love) and becomes Kali. In another text Shiva addresses Parvati as the “black one” to bring Kali out.

While Shiva’s destructive energy is internal and calm, Kali’s is driven and external. He needs her power to destroy worlds, but she needs him to tame her and stop her when needed.

The spiritual form of Kali is that she was here before time and space existed; she is beyond creation, and will be here after it ends. She is here to remind us of nature’s sacred cycle of beginnings and endings. We see it in the circle of the year with Summer and Winter, with the Lunar Cycle between the full and the dark moon, and the birth and death of our human forms. There would be no light without darkness, and no darkness without light, and Kali brings balance to this never ending play.

By bringing destruction to parts of our lives as individuals and as a community, Kali moves reality forward into a new age. Often with endings, comes liberation. She brings decisiveness when it is needed, and end to what no longer serves you or the planet.

There are many gifts in endings, as they end suffering, release any stuck energy, and provide paths for new beginnings.

The Power of Women and Kali

Hindu Goddess KaliWhen it comes to women’s power, Kali has started coming to many women recently. That is no surprise as in texts she manifested from the Goddess of Love, when she went “dark.

Kali is the shadow but also a very powerful side of women that comes out when feeling disrespected, abused, walked upon, or hurt in any way—which is exactly what is happening in the world today.

Many 20th and 21st century scholars adopted Kali as one of the symbols for female empowerment. She is wild and untamable, and is here to fight when bad acts are performed against women.

While she may seem dark at first, this empowered warrior is not dark or light, she is a force of nature itself. Destruction and creation are closely connected, and while Kali focuses on destruction, by doing that she also allows creation. Like the forests that burn only for new forests to sprout, and animals in those forests decay to give life to other creatures. Kali destroys so that new things can be created and manifested.

When working with her energy—for men or women—in mediation and on your spiritual journey, remember that Kali slays demons, and those can be internal. She can guide you to face dark times and come out of them on the other side. She is great at revealing the truth and getting rid of distractions and stagnation. Her energy may feel chaotic and intense at times, but as she removes things out of your life that do not serve you, great spiritual changes and growth will follow. And you will follow her through the darkness into the light, when the times call for that.



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  1. Devi says:

    H i im a desperate and bad mother i made my son take birth in bad times now he is 29 and still suffering much he is with low self esteem low confidence sad hurt rejected has many blockages and barriers he is so stressed depressed that he is a hard smoker giving him physical problems and now erectile disfunction he is lost angry does not want to pray to be positive plse pray for him and advise me plse tks

    • Liam Heartman says:

      Hello Devi.

      First you must forgive yourself for what has happened, and forgive your son for anything you may be holding against him.
      Once you have done that you can begin to heal and help, but it must begin from within.
      The better situation you have, the better situation you can help create for others.
      This will help: https://youtu.be/7FggYXlnQ0Q

      Sending Lots of Love from all of Team Spirit!

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