Kali Yuga Ends

The Age of Conflict Brought by Kali Yuga is Finally Ending

As the year has it seasons, and the moon has the cycles, so it is said that the Earth itself has a cycle of time. Ancient Sanskrit texts speak of age of humanity in terms of Yugas or four parts in the circle of time. A full circle is called Mahayuga. Each part of the cycle is a completely different season with a unique energy, meaning, and outcome. The First of the Yugas is the longest, and the last is the shortest. The cycle lasts about 24,000 years and by some calculations, we may be at the very end of it.

Four Seasons In The Circle of Time

Yuga Cosmic ClockThe ancient divided time into the following seasons that will keep repeating in this sequence.

Satya Yuga — The Age of Truth (4800 years)

The beginning of the cycle is the longest—three tenth of the cycle—and has the most hope, youthfulness, purity, and vitality. People are happy and fully connected to the Source. The Earth is abundant and healthy.

Treta Yuga — The Age of Mankind (3600 years)

The second Yuga continues for three tenth of the cycle and it is where humans start going the wrong way. Virtues start to disappear, instead the world becomes more greedy and power focused. The weather like the human mood starts having extremes. Heath of people starts decreasing.

Dvapara Yuga — The Age of Energy (2400 years)

The third Yuga lasts two tenth of the cycle, and at this time people are not quite awake yet spiritually and in some ways intellectually, but not fully “asleep” either. Everyone is slow, slugging, and a bit lazy. Disease is still growing, and feeling unhappy, people may fight between each other.

Kali Yuga — The Age of Conflict (1200 years)

The fourth and final Yuga last just one tenth of the cycle and it is the age of true ignorance. Humanity is asleep, and darkness is winning—for now. Society is run by lies, manipulation, hypocrisy, and stupidity. Human health is at its worst, partly due to a horrible diet. The Earth is polluted. Humanity is the farthest it has been to being connected to Source.

Kali Yuga is named after Goddess Kali, who is most associated with wrath and destruction. After humans have disrespected the Earth, she is there to clean it up by often unforgiving methods.

Kali Yuga sounds a whole lot like where humanity is at now with GMO and chemical-ridden foods and bad pollution. The good news is, it may be ending.

When Is The End of Kali Yuga?

Way Patch Tarot YugaIt is said that Kali Yuga began sometimes between 3102 and 3133 BCE when Lord Krishna had passed. But different ancient texts speak of slightly different dates for Kali Yuga’s end. Some say it ended in 2012, others that it will end in 2025. The last common date to be suggested is 2082.

When the last Yuga, Kali Yuga, ends, the cycle does not go back to the first Yuga, instead it goes to the third or Dvapara Yuga. A 24,000 year cycles has two of each Yugas, and it goes in sequence of: 1, 2, 3, 4, 4, 3, 2, and back to 1.

Whether we have just passed the end of Kali Yuga and are still dealing with its aftermath or it is coming in the next 7 to 64 years, each of us can help the Earth progress towards a more positive future faster. You can also create the golden age of abundance for yourself, no matter which Yuga the Earth is in. You are still responsible for your own happiness and success, regardless of what humanity as a collective is going through.

What You Can Do To Welcome The New Age

To bring yourself and Earth closer to the golden age we have all been dreaming about, you can keep focusing on and deepening your spiritual work.

  • Keep doing yoga, meditation, and manifestation mantras, and most importantly teach them to others.
  • Focus on the positive and being grateful for everything you have.
  • Never think fatalistically about the future, no matter the fears someone else may be feeding you. The more you think of a positive future, the closer you bring it to reality.
  • Find peace within yourself regardless of life situations and world circumstances, and you will be this much closer to true peace on Earth.
  • Kali Yuga may sound dark, but it exists to bring us from darkness into the light on a straight path to ascension.



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