June Full Moon

June 2018 Full Moon – Growing Up, Finding Balance Amidst Five Retrogrades

When the moon turns full on June 28th, it enters in the middle of powerful surrounding planetary energies. It happens just a week after the Summer Solstice, a spiritual checkpoint marking the middle of the year. It is also in the middle of five planets going retrograde. All of these influences build upon one another, and it can be a lot to take in. Under the sign of Capricorn, this June full moon will help you spiritually grow up and focus on practical sides of life, which will help find balance and peace through all of the energetic changes surrounding you.

Breaking Free From Negative Emotions

Full Moon Break FreeThe planetary retrogrades bring to surface unfinished conversations, forgotten projects, and ignored challenges. On June 28th, planets Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, and Pluto are all retrograde. The full moon this month marks the point of bringing them all together into one huge clearing. This is why the few weeks after the full moon, a lot of challenging emotions may surface—fear, sadness, and guilt are just a few to name.

What is good about this is that this full moon’s influence will provide you with the tools to release and break free from all of these emotions once they are acknowledged.

The influence of Capricorn gives you the ability to climb up through the obstacles and not give up until you reach the top—just like the goat-like Capricorn nature.

It will require hard work from you, however! There are a lot of energies going on, and they need your full attention and intention to navigate through.

Work On Practical Self-Expression

Out of all of the full moons this year, the June full moon is making it a little harder than usual to express yourself. However, this makes it even more important to do so! Lack of self-expression and fully expressing emotions can lead to relationship stagnation and miscommunication at this time.

Right now, it is more important to use the left brain than the right and focus on practicality versus giving in to emotions. This may seem counterproductive, but it is not. This full moon is about expressing yourself in a more logical way and not shutting down due to any negative emotions you may encounter. The logical side of you knows that these emotions are temporary and have no influence on the big picture.

Use ‘Tough Love’ on Yourself During This Full Moon

June Full Moon Self ExpressionAlthough this full moon may not be the most comfortable one, it is more important than ever to not give in to challenging emotions or sit back and observe. You need to continue moving forward with intention.

Capricorn can teach you discipline through the ‘tough love’ concept. This time—it is aimed at you and not the other people. If you need to do something, you have to make sure you follow through and do it.

This will bring the lessons and successes to be used through the rest of the year. When following the Capricorn guidance, you will learn to take control of your emotions instead of them controlling you. You will grow into your own person and not take things personally or take on other people’s problems, which can slow you down.

Lastly, this full moon in Capricorn will show you how to express yourself and choose your actions from a balanced state—as a spiritual “adult.”

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