June 13th New Moon

June 13th New Moon in Gemini is the Best Time This Year to Start New Projects

If you have been sitting on an idea or a project without giving it the attention it deserves, this June 13th new moon is about to change that.

On June 13th, the new moon arrives in the sign of Gemini, and for once, there is nothing but incredible news. The Gemini twins are here to spread their joyful energy filled with curiosity, a desire to try new things, and the need to communicate and deepen your relationships with others. All of these qualities will become priceless when it comes to starting new ventures and crossing things off the bucket list.

The June new moon is also a supermoon, which means it is closer to the Earth than usual. This gives it an extra jolt of power that you can harvest and use for yourself.

When The New Moon is Affected by the Gemini Sign

Each of the moon phases falls under a different zodiac sign each month, which has an incredible driving force behind its energy and how it affects each person. This June the new moon in Gemini brings to the forefront anything that has to do with communication, your social ties with others and enthusiasm for starting new things.

Gemini twins like to shake things up as they get bored quickly. They are also incredibly smart and like to think about in-depth topics and life philosophies. To align with their spontaneity and social and mental needs, the best way to spend the next 15 days is:

  • Keep learning and expanding your mind by reading and watching documentaries.
  • Work on perfecting your communication skills with everyone in your life to not only fix any misunderstandings and conflicts but bring good relationships to a new level.
  • Try your hand at writing—either journaling for yourself, writing letters for other people, or even play around with writing fiction.
  • Teach others the skills that you have and share your knowledge.
  • Go outside of your usual routine to meet new people and make connections.
  • Start new projects and do not be afraid to start more than one. The Gemini sign rarely does things one step at a time.

Influenced by the Stars to Bring Prosperity

June 13th New Moon EmpowermentWhat an incredibly lucky new moon this can be! It has no negative influences and is instead supported by eight stars at the same time—three in the Orion’s Belt, two in Taurus constellation, and three from other constellations.
These stars give the moon incredible energy, and the majority of them have to do with prosperity and luck. The star Mintaka offers protection for you and your loved ones, while also providing good fortune. This is true both for business projects and your own personal happiness.

In business, this star will help you connect with the right people to bring your ideas to life. It will also provide the confidence and strength to take the leap of faith and take any needed risks to succeed.

This energy is reinforced by star El Nath, which will aid in business success. If you have a project in mind, do not wait to take the first steps required to make it happen. The stars have aligned perfectly for that.

June 13th New Moon: New Projects

Speaking of new projects, Gemini’s love for trying new things is on your side at this time. You will especially feel this energy when allowing for excited anticipation to run through you as you prepare for all the life-changing beginnings coming your way. It is time to follow this call to action. Joined by the productivity vibe from Neptune going retrograde on June 18, this is the perfect time to start projects.

All of the stars are supporting business success at this time. In business, what are some of the ideas that you put aside for a long time? What are the creative projects, side hustles, or complete career changes you dream about? And in personal life, which exciting, feeding-your-soul new things you have always wanted to try? Go back to that bucket list you once wrote and see which items on it you would like to fulfill now.

Finally, both prosperity and success in new projects will become more accessible through a community of supporters and like-minded people.

Growth in Communication and Community

June 13th New Moon CollaborationThese new projects and ideas will need a little help from other people. This is due to the energy of very social Gemini combined with the power of a few stars.

Gemini is asking you to connect with like-minded people and work together for creative and business endeavors. You will sow the seeds of great future benefits through gathering others for brainstorming sessions and asking for opinions of others. The results of working with others will positively surprise you.

It will also improve your communication skills and really bring the best out of your relationships in the process.

Invite people who you resonate with for an afternoon of tea and conversation. You will never guess what amazing things you can build together when you do—in business, community, and your own friendships.


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