International Womens Day

Thoughts on the Divine Feminine ~ International Women’s Day

What a treat to be a woman. I am personally elated to have the opportunity to be a woman, here in the age of women finally realizing, and/or reclaiming their power. This article is not intended to highlight the exhibition of power that women have created from exercising their masculinity, but to support the cultivation of the divine femininity rising in awareness of its own strength.

Woman on the CloudsFor the bulk of my life, roughly 20 years of it, I rejected my femininity. I believed in the media, North American society, and the cultural/familial ‘truths’ thrust upon me from birth; women are weak, men are strong. I was told through words, images, sermons, public education, relationships, and occupations, that women are less intelligent (especially at subjects such as math and physics), less logical (especially at that time of month), and less likely to succeed (I better find a rich man to marry as it’s not likely I’ll make my own wealth).

Perhaps you disagree, thinking the world is so progressive now pro-woman, pro-equality, pro-female power. But inequality still stares us all in the face every day. It is found in the office, in relationships, and even in Hollywood. More importantly, for our health and thriving, we must address the inequality that still lives in our heads. Personally, at least now I’m conscious of it, but for almost 2 decades I suppressed anything I thought would give away my feminine weakness: I convinced myself it was natural to get lower marks than my brilliant male classmate in physics, I worked construction on an all-male crew and felt I had to prove myself in that male-dominated industry, I beat myself up mentally every time I experienced an emotion, and powered through each menstrual cycle feeling disadvantaged during university exams should they fall during flow. I smothered all things feminine. All thoughts, feelings, and actions perceived as feminine were berated except the surface stuff that men accepted such as sensuality, receptivity to their needs, waxed legs, dresses and high heels. I felt like ‘they’re in charge’, so I better appease them.

Gaia Divine FeminineThese actions and perceptions ceased the day I woke up. I realized the strength of vulnerability, emotion, perception, intuition, patience, beauty appreciation, empathy, compassion, generosity, nurturance, deference, and sensitivity. Sure, for years, unconscious of all my feminine-smothering, I was pro-woman externally. I wanted to see a female prime-minister for Canada. I wanted to see a female president for the United States (though not a woman who only expressed her masculine qualities). I believed women deserve equal pay, equal rights, equal household chores shared with their partners, equal treatment in all respects. The problem, I realize now, was that I still believed femininity was a weakness. I felt that feminine qualities were less desirable in society than masculine ones. Ideally, I wanted to see women treated equally, but until this realization I still saw myself as inferior to men. Not anymore.

What does it truly look like to see oneself as equal to the dominant energy on this planet? I acknowledge that each of us has feminine (yin) and masculine (yang) qualities inherent within us, and I no longer glorify my masculine characteristics while condemning my feminine. I realize it takes the even expression of yin and yang to live a balanced, healthy life. I see the power of passivity, allowing all to be as it is this moment and open-heartedly loving it without judgment. This moment is a blissful present. This may not be easy when there is pain to witness in the present moment. However, resisting pain causes suffering. Observing pain in the presence of conscious awareness and compassion transmutes it into an expression of beauty. Remember, pain can potentially highlight a necessary lesson to learn that may otherwise go unnoticed. If integrated, the new wisdom creates a knowing that this is just one experience within the sea of infinite possibilities of universal expression, and all possibility is beautiful.

The whole contains all parts, every bit of dark, every bit of light. This means everything is possible, so why resist possibility? If one potential experience is disturbing your ease, accept it, thereby creating the space to change it into another experience. This is the power of the divine feminine: to allow all to exist and cradle it in loving-awareness, thus transmuting all expression manifest into something new. There is nothing external that needs to change. Internal perception and awareness of the present is what needs to be addressed. The point is to realize you are the witness of all that you experience.

Beauty and Femininity

Femininity is beautiful. Not just because we live on the same masculine-energy dominated planet we have for centuries and desire a change (though this imbalance is being addressed to prevent us from destroying all planetary life), but simply because both energies are beautiful. What joy all humans could experience if they balanced the energies within themselves, thus balancing the feminine and masculine energies on this planet. Masculinity is beautiful. Femininity is beautiful.

So ladies, let’s stop trying to be female versions of men. No more exemplifying grossly inappropriate interpretations of masculinity (being power-hungry, angry workaholics), thinking we will improve our status and income. Ladies and gentlemen, let’s embrace and empower the feminine within. Let’s exhibit surrender, receptivity, affection, tenderness, patience and empathy. After all, these are the feminine strengths that will heal our hearts and our planet, today and every day.

I’m delighted to be a strong woman who exhibits my feminine and masculine qualities equally and adaptively in response to the situation at hand. To you and everyone out there, happy International Women’s Day.

I love you.


Written by: Elizabeth Evergreen


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  1. Kunobert Schmidt says:

    Thank-you for your interesting article.
    As a male, we also have our FEMININE side, but most of us refuse to acknowledge it. That is wrong. We are ALL equal.
    Have a read of the article by Dr. Mark Sircus, “Feminine Principle – Divine Mother” at

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