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Going through a single day can sometimes be a rollercoaster of emotions—nevermind a whole lifetime. When it comes to feeling great, harboring a good mood, and being ready to take on the world, any little tip can help. Whether it is anxiety due to a big deadline or stress about the workload, there are moments of sudden overwhelm in all of our lives. Knowing what to do during these moments can instantly turn your day around for the better—allowing more joy, love, happiness, and clarity to take root in your being no matter the external circumstances.

A useful technique to know is used as a part of Naam Yoga, a complete yogic practice that incorporates both mind and body wellness. A big part of Naam Yoga is using mudras or hand seals that work on the body’s meridian system. These hand movements, which can also be described as finger pressure points or acupuncture points, work in just minutes to calm down the mind, remove fear, and increase your confidence.

Psychologist Sharon Melnick describes these hand tricks in her book Success Under Stress in hopes to teach people how to quickly improve their mood in and outside the workplace to increase productivity and satisfaction.

Let’s be honest—life can get stressful sometimes. Having a quick trick under your sleeve can bring real change to how you react to adversity and help you take full control of your experiences.

Better-Mood-Technique-3Understanding Body’s Meridian System and Pressure Points

The meridian system of the body is used by the Eastern medici
ne traditions, particularly in China. Meridians are so-called “energy highways” that connect all parts of the body. Each of these energy flows corresponds to different organs. Knowing and understanding the meridians can help you gain quick access to any organ and restore its energy for improved functionality.

Because all of our emotions are also connected to the wellbeing of the organs, identifying and releasing blocked meridian passways brings instant relief to our emotional body.

To release blockages, a system of pressure point exercises is used. Just a few minutes of applying pressure to specific points on the body can instantly bring a positive shift to your mood.

When You Need To Calm Down

When you are feeling anxious and stressed, apply pressure to a point between your second and third knuckles, right where your fingers connect to your hand.

“It activates a nerve that loosens the area around the heart, so any of that fluttery feeling you feel when you’re nervous will end up going away,” Melnick explains.

When You Need A Boost of Confidence

If you want to feel more confident, press your thumb on either hand between the first knuckle right next to your fingernail and the second knuckle. Apply mild to moderate pressure to this point, which activates a nerve responsible for feelings of charisma, confidence, and empowerment.

According to Melnick, this point can “reduce internal emotional commotion and induce a state that is subtly more confident.”


When You Need to Get Rid of Fear

Fear is a paralyzing emotion that can prevent you from reaching your goals both in personal life and career. Try not to be too hard on yourself, though, because experiencing fear is completely normal. In one sense, and a way that the brain reacts to stimuli as it desperately tries to protect what it is used to experiencing by rejecting change. To eliminate fear and take control of your decisions, connect the tips of your thumbs with the index fingers on both hands—just like in the yoga lotus pose. Then, focus on your breathing, taking deep breaths in and out. On every inhale, bring your hands towards you in a straight line; one every exhale, forcefully push them away from your body.

When You Need to Solve a Problem

When you need to solve a problem but the answer is not coming to you, there is a great “problem solving” hand position. On your right hand touch your thumb, your index and your middle fingers together. Find a point located in the middle between your eyebrows and go one inch up from it. Place your three fingers together on this point.

With the other hand, bring the same three fingers together and place them one inch above your belly button.

“In this position, you’re symbolically connecting the centers that are involved with intuition, right hand, and ‘gut instincts,’ left hand. Now your head and your gut can ‘communicate’ with each other,” Melnick explains.

Success Under Stress: Powerful Tools for Staying Calm, Confident, and Productive When the Pressure’s On by Sharon Melnick

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