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The Incredibles 2 | Disney-Pixar Includes Profound Spiritual Lessons

(This article review contains no spoilers for The Incredibles 2, but does discuss minor or essential plot ideas that are explored in the film.)

This past weekend the world bore witness to the release of a long-anticipated sequel of one of Pixar’s most celebrated movies, The Incredibles. As always, Pixar has developed a movie that matches the quality of all of their other films, pushing the boundaries of social dialogue and the way these stories are communicated. The Incredibles 2 is a more than just a profound film, but a deep and meaningful commentary on two very important points, and a much-needed message for today’s world.

The first message of this film is the addiction to technology, especially those with screens. By the motivation of the villain, we see a very unique description of the way that we become hypnotized by devices and often miss out on what’s happening all around us. This is now happening in a widespread way in our world; we have grown distant from our physical world as we instead have embedded our thoughts and minds within our digital technology – our phones, our games, our TVs.

Personally, the past two weeks have been a very powerful lesson for me in this very regard, as I journeyed outside of the city and deep into nature, to participate in a silent retreat. There I experienced a very pleasant disconnection from my cellular technology; however, as I returned to the world, I found myself even more sucked in, as if being away from it was like being away from water for a long time. Once I was back in the city, I found myself immersing myself in my phone to balance myself. Of course, what I found was that I was not very balanced at all, I was more mentally scrambled than ever, and found it very difficult to enter into a meditative state because my mind was – for lack of a better word – “wiggly”.

Incredibles FamilyUpon recognizing this, I devoted myself to creating some purposeful distance between myself and my technology, but considering I work at a computer all week long, it was more about finding a balance between using it purposefully, and not using it if I didn’t have something purposeful to do once I was done. Over the course of the week that followed, I was able to enter into a deeper meditative state once again.

Upon seeing The Incredibles 2, I found this particular dialogue incredibly relevant to my experiences as of late, and a moving social dialogue that is one we can all learn from.

The second thing that the Incredibles 2 speaks about is perhaps even more profound than the first. This idea is that of the empowerment of the divine feminine, and through the film, it is told in a very powerful and beautiful way. Throughout the story, we experience the true majesty of Elastigirl really coming into the spotlight. She is a woman, a mother, and an all-around amazing person who is able to experience triumph and success against all of the odds, and most of all – without the support of the ‘big strong man’.

This idea is really what’s behind the evolving feminine on this planet, and its something that we are all experiencing within us, both men and women alike are discovering the awakening of this sensitivity and power. We see this in the film as there is a great deal of care in Elastigirls work, as she stealthily goes to trap bad guy, silent but yet with tremendous skill and courage. This idea is demonstrated further in the juxtaposition of Mr. Incredible, who blurts out that ‘big problems have cause for big solutions!’, flexing his muscles as he attempts to justify the fact that often his ‘handiwork’ causes a lot of damage to the surrounding environments.

When we really begin to explore the divine feminine power within us, we find that it is not just about nurture, care, and loving support, but precision, power, and great strength as well. It is all of these beautiful feminine qualities that should be a held with great respect within all of us and honored as a symbol of strength for all of mankind.

All in all, my experience with this film is that it is an absolutely fantastic and beautiful movie, and I highly recommend seeing it. I am certain that it is a movie which I will enjoy again and again… and again.

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Jordan David

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