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Improve Your Communication Skills Online and Offline

If you run your own business, you know that communication is key to bringing in new clients. In fact, proper marketing is just about the only way to do this effectively. Without communication with the outside world, your business would falter. So, are you an effective marketer for your business? Do you utilize all forms of communication, both online and offline, in your marketing plan? If you consider yourself an effective communicator in the business world, how do you communicate when it comes to your personal life?

Communication Mental Health

Communication and Mental Health

Communication with other humans is essential for all of us to maintain a healthy state of well-being. Consider the work you put in to let others know about your business. When you communicate properly and frequently, your business thrives. When you don’t, your business suffers. The same is true for your personal relationships. Talking with friends and loved ones, whether you’re doing it online or offline, is just as important for your personal life as advertising to your customers is for the life of your business. If you’re good at the business side of communication – making sure that you avoid common pitfalls, then you can be good at the social side as well.

Listen as much or more than you speak, actively listen to what others have to say, (not just listening to respond) make and hold eye contact, give sincere compliments when it feels appropriate, and remember to make time for your loved ones as often as you can.

Communicating Offline in an Online World

When we “talk” with people online, we aren’t talking to an actual person. We’re talking to a computer screen. Online communication is certainly quick and effective, but it doesn’t provide the same sensation as face-to-face or even telephone conversations. It’s important to remember that even though you may be energetic, lively, and full of pizzazz online, that won’t necessarily provide you with the same emotional benefits as an actual, live relationship offline.

Having deep, voice or better yet face to face conversations in person, can’t be replaced through a digital medium. While online communication is very convenient it does not replace our inherent need to be social in life with those close to us. It is vital for us to feel the presence of loved ones and make time to be with them in person.

Authentic Communication

Step Away From the Computer

Personal conversation is a very important part of communicating effectively with the world around you, you need to step out from behind your computer. Talk to real people, in the real world. Don’t neglect it, or you’ll find yourself living alone in the virtual world.

You cannot hug a pixel, but you can hug a friend.  A hug from a friend is so much more meaningful than anything that can be found through a computer. Making the time to spend with your loved ones in person may not be as convenient as catching up with technology but it makes for a much better, complete experience. You can feel the presence of those around you, share laughter, enjoy music, movies and games and explore the world together, which can’t be done through a communication device.

Join a Group

If you don’t feel comfortable in social settings, try joining a group, such as a monthly book club. Not only will you be able to practice your communication skills, but you may even learn a thing or two. If you can’t bring yourself to join an offline group, start with an online one and then work your way out from behind your screen.

You may be surprised at just how much more fun you have in person than through a group online. Real, long lasting relationships most often begin in person. You are much more likely to see the other people authentically if you interact with them in person on a regular basis.

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