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4 Ways to Know You’re Channeling Your Ego vs. Your Higher Self

Our Ego and our Higher Self are two sides of the same coin; both of them make up the ebb and flow of the human experience. One is not better or worse than the other, they both serve an important purpose in our lives.

Ego Higher Self Stain GlassThe Ego wants to help protect us from harm and keep us safe, both emotionally and physically. Our Higher Self wants to guide us towards our joy and help us thrive in life. Both aspects of our consciousness work in tandem with each other, contrasting and creating a balance within.

How can we tell when we’re tapping into a more Egoic aspect of ourselves, versus tapping into our Higher Self? One way to understand these two concepts is seeing the Ego exist in our head, and the Higher Self in the heart.

The Ego uses logic, rationale and physicality to navigate reality. Our Higher Self lives through intuition within the sacred space of our heart. It is generally more quiet, it’s the small voice we hear in the back of our mind, while the Ego is a loud roar that comes out immediately.

By observing and becoming aware of the different types of voices, archetypes and energies inside us, we can begin to decipher what aspects of our consciousness we’re tapping into.

1. Making Choices Rooted in Fear vs. Love

When we feel like we need to do something “or else”… we know deep down, this isn’t the language of the heart. Having a feeling of desperate urgency for something, especially when it’s in a non-emergency situation, is a clear sign we’re tapping into our Ego. The mind loves to constantly think as a means to try and solve problems, and sometimes that manifests into quick, brash action.

Taking a moment to slow down, breathe deeply and just be, is sometimes the most powerful thing to do. When we act out of our hearts rather than fear, we can see the situation with clarity and act much more accordingly. Through the calm space of the heart, we can tap into our Higher Selves and allow a deeper level of understanding flow through us.

2. Focusing on Lack vs. Abundance

Ego Higher Self Family Hug

If you are reading this on your phone or computer, in a safe environment with a roof over your head and food on your plate; there is a lot of abundance in your life! When we face rejection, experience loss or don’t get what we want, it can become very easy to focus on what we don’t have. This is another way we tap into our Ego versus being in our Higher Self.

In moments of feeling lack, there is a very powerful practice we can begin to do, to help refocus on our higher awareness. Say for example we didn’t get a job we really wanted, or we weren’t accepted into a university. In those moments of rejection, we feel a deep sense of lack and focus on why we didn’t get what we wanted.

To be able to consciously shift the perspective to being grateful for just having the experience of applying for a job or getting to go to university is a way to tap into our Higher Selves. Practicing gratitude for the lessons of life, whatever they may be, is a great way to shift into the heart space. Allow yourself to dwell on the positive parts of your life, even after feeling let down, we are always able to control our inner and outer reactions to life.

3. Feeling Rushed vs. Taking Our Time

There is a huge push in modern society to work, do, and create as much as possible as fast as possible. To fill every moment with forward motion, earn more money, climb the ladder higher…

What about just being?Ego Higher Self Meditation

Just being with yourself, your breath and your body. It’s important to slow down and allow yourself to feel, rather than think. The Ego wants us to do, the Higher Self wants us to be. Remember we are Human Beings, not Human Doings.

Simply being with yourself, meditating, taking a few conscious breaths is an amazing way to connect to your Higher Self, your heart, or to this deep awareness that is woven within all of reality.

Making choices out of a calm space of clarity allows us to take in a wider perspective of possibility and drastically changes how we navigate difficult situations. It helps us stay at ease even in tense and stressful moments.

4. Proving Something to Others vs. Doing it for Ourselves

When we take a public action, who are we doing it for? Are we posting on social media for approval and validation of others, or is it from a space of wanting to share and connect with others?

If we are consciously putting ourselves out there and basing our self worth on the opinions and perceptions of others, we are likely feeding into our Ego, rather than feeding our Higher Self. It’s beautiful to feel inspired and share content through social media, a digital realm that creates both joy and suffering. It is what we choose to create in the virtual field that reveals which part of ourselves we’re tapping into. There is a lot of Ego online; masks of ourselves we edit perfectly to showcase the polished parts of our lives.

Remember that being vulnerable and authentic speaks to all audiences, for it is the universal language of the heart that everyone can understand.



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