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Trigger Out Of Body Experiences With CIA-Researched Binaural Beats

When the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) has an interest in a topic, you know there may be deep, hidden knowledge there. They are the first to gather any information in order to gain more power, and while its use by the organization is questionable, following their trail to find effective spiritual tools. One such tool is patented by the Monroe Institute of Applied Sciences as Hemi-Sync.

Hemi-Sync is a collection of binaural beats that can help you access different states of consciousness and even have out of body experiences. They were created in the 1970’s and many people have had experiences using these audio files both themselves and by taking programs at the institute. The most popular is The Gateway Experience (a 6 part experience)!

The experiences vary and go deep into other realms of quantum possibilities. In one instance, participants of the program can bend spoons.

One firefighter explained it to The Washington Post like it’s an everyday occurrence:

In one [program], we learned to bend spoons with our minds.
And you did it? You bent it?” asked the reporter.
Everyone did it!

The History of The Monroe Institute

Hemi Sync Robert MonroeThe Monroe Institute in Virginia, U.S.A was founded by Robert Allan Monroe or Bob Monroe based on his research into altered states of consciousness. A favorite research topic of his was out of body experiences and he wrote about them in his trilogy of books: Journeys Out of the Body, Far Journeys, & Ultimate Journey.

Monroe’s research gained recognition for providing scientific explanations and real life evidence for out of body and altered consciousness phenomena. His research started in the 1950’s and focused on using sound frequencies to help achieve a good night’s sleep and increase alertness during waking hours. One of his first topics was sleep-learning, a technique using audio to affect a person’s mind while they sleep.

Using sleep-learning techniques himself, Monroe started to experience sleep paralysis and seeing a bright light shining at him, which he later called his first out-of-body experiences.

Soon after Monroe’s research expanded into past life regression, meditations to meet spirit guides, and astral travel.

After founding his institute, it moved to Virginia in 1962 and changed its name to The Monroe Institute, which is how it is still known today. Monroe passed in 1995, but his institute still attracts thousands of people to its programs all over the world.

The Monroe Institute’s work has attracted the attention of both spiritual leaders and the CIA. In 1994, the Wall Street Journal confirmed that the CIA and the U.S. Army were looking into the institute to learn about its knowledge.

According to the CIA report that has was declassified in the 2000’s, the institute studies and believes that consciousness contains all solutions in life, and all of it can be accessed if one chooses to do so. The CIA found the results of using binaural beats to be ‘spectacular.’ The agency thought the technique can be successful used for health, stress, after surgery therapy, pain, recovery after a stroke, general therapy, creativity, learning abilities, and problem solving.

Spiritual Leaders Found More Out-Of-This World Applications.

Hemi Sync Buddhist MeditationsThe head of the Zen Buddhist temple in British Columbia has said that the institute’s students have achieved deep levels of mediation in just a week while it took him 30 years to get the same results.

These results came from Hemi-Sync audio programs that were first patented in 1975. The way they work is by balancing the left and right brain hemispheres, and then triggering either healing or other states of consciousness. They are also known as binaural beats. While Hemi-Sync are not the only binaural beats out there, they may be one of the most researched ones.

What Can Hemi-Sync Do?

The audio CDs include ones for focus and better mental performance, healing and health, and many on changing your state of consciousness and accessing out of body experiences. A few of the most popular ones are:

How to Listen to Binaural Beats Effectively

Whether you are listening to Hemi-Sync or found other binaural beats, there are a few recommendations to make your experience stronger and more effective.Hemi Sync Projection

  • Get plenty of rest before listening to consciousness-altering binaural beats. A tired mind can create unwanted results. If you are tired, listen to the sleep-inducing beats to have a good night sleep, then do the mind-altering ones the next day.
  • Wash your face and hands with cold water to stay awake and present for the audio exercises.
  • Stretch your body beforehand so you do not feel sore or distracted by your physical body.
  • Sit or lay down comfortably.
  • Always use headphones. By using headphones, your two brain hemispheres will harmonize and together create a third “binaural beat.
  • Practice by listening to the tapes again and again.


Further Resources:
Research institute shows people a way out of their bodies, By Bob Ortega, The Wall Street Journal, 1994


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