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Transform Your DNA By Listening To This One Sound Frequency

Sound therapy has been documented in ancient texts since history was first being recorded, and today modern science is catching up to its uses in healing. Sound is made up of waves and vibrations at a specific frequency that communicate with the human brain and the nervous system. How it works for healing is really quite simple.

How Sound Therapy Works

Frequency Singing Bowl

Most, if not all of disease is created or triggered by stress. Stress on the cellular level prevents the body from working properly creating inflammation and dysfunction. First symptoms of this dysfunction may be insomnia, allergies, anxiety, and pain, then it can lead to more severe and chronic conditions.

To help relieve stress before it does harm, sound therapy is one of the fastest ways. Sounds travels fast through water, and since human bodies are about 60-70% water, sound frequencies travel well through the body. This is confirmed by the groundbreaking research by Dr. Masaru Emoto of the Yokohama Municipal University’s Department of Humanities and Sciences.

The first goal of sound healing is to relieve physical and emotional tension and stress. Even the American Cancer Society has admitted that sound therapy can be a useful stress-reducing therapy for cancer patients.

However, sound healing goes deeper than stress relief. Our brains and bodies are also wired to hear and process sound as it is the primary way humans communicate. Any sound the brain receives acts as an activator. A fire alarm, activates fight or flight response, and specific frequencies activate healing.

Healing Frequencies & The Sounds of Miracles

Because everything in life has a vibration, sound healing focuses on specific frequencies and their effect on the body.

Six of these frequencies called Solfeggio tones have been called sacred as each is vital for body, mind and spirit. One of them has been the most researched frequency to date.

Six Solfeggio frequencies:

  • 396 Hz – Let go of fear and guilt
  • 417 Hz – Remove negativity and trigger change
  • 528 Hz – Frequency of Transformation, Miracles, and DNA Repair
  • 639 Hz – Attract love and connection
  • 741 Hz – Detox, Express Yourself, and Solve Problems
  • 852 Hz – Spiritual Self-Realization

Healing Frequency DNA Repair

The frequency that is the most talked about is 528 Hz. It is known as the frequency of Love or the “Universal healer.” Its power goes as far as to repair DNA damage, which is common these days from all the toxins in the environment. 528 Hz brings back the harmony to the mind, body, and soul.

Because modern television and music tends to use lower, harmful frequencies, listening to 528 Hz or other Solfeggio tones is important for keeping healthy.
Each disease has a frequency, and listening to high frequencies acts as a preventative as well. The flu for example is said to vibrate as 58 Hz, and the vibration of the body right before death is only around 20 Hz.

To keep your own vibration high, besides sounds healing, you can also use crystals, meditation, yoga, nature therapy, breathwork, and many other modalities.
The benefit of healing frequencies such as 528 Hz is that you can listen to it in the background while doing other things, and even have it playing in the bedroom while sleeping.

The Love Frequency of 528 Hz

The Love Frequency or 528 Hz has been the chosen frequency of many sound healing advocates. Mathematician Victor Showell said 528 Hz has the fundamental energy of powerful sacred geometry symbols—Pi, Phi, and the Golden Mean. Showell and John Stuart Reid also measured this frequency with cymatics (study of vibration) and saw 528 Hz creates sacred geometry spirals and circles that are associated with DNA structure and repair.

528 Hz is said to be a miracle tone linked to extraordinary human power, DNA repair, and the ability to harmonize the Earth. It has even been used to help clean pollution in the Gulf of Mexico in 2010 by electromagnetic energy expert John Hutchinson.

To use 528 Hz for your well-being and spiritual growth, you can listen to Grammy Award nominee Amerie’s album Cymatika, Vol 1, which was created fully in 528 Hz frequency. There are also multiple 528 Hz meditation tracks on YouTube. Listening to these tracks can help heal not only you but the planet, as it responds to this sound as well.

As natural healing author Dr. Leonard Horowitz said in his book:

528 cycles per second is literally the core creative frequency of nature. It is love.

The Book of 528: Prosperity Key of Love by Leonard G. Horowitz, Tetrahedron Publishing Group, 2011


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