Fourth Eye Chakra

Discover the Mysterious Fourth-Eye Chakra and its Unique Purpose

The Third Eye and its correlating Chakra has been explored by many. It is connected to your intuition, the gut feeling that helps predict the future and know the truth before other senses do. It rules over the sixth sense. There is, however, another ‘Eye’ that is not often discussed but is just as important. This Fourth Eye and the Fourth Eye Chakra are is not located in the physical body like the pineal gland which is connected to the Third Eye, but it is in the ethereal or energy body. This Fourth Eye connects you to the consciousness of the universe and creation itself, which is why it is sometimes referred to as the Eye of the universe.

The Purpose and Location of The Fourth Eye

Fourth Eye Chakra

While the physical body connects you to your physicality, and mental body to your mind, your thoughts, and beliefs; you also have a spiritual or etheric body that links you with the spiritual aspects of you, as well as the wide spirit world.

The etheric body is where the Fourth Eye is located, it is the Eye of your aura. It is connected to the Third Eye, just as the physical body is connected to the etheric body. Everything is interconnected. You can access the Fourth Eye through the Third, and it is located just outside of it, not far away from where your physical body ends.

The purpose of the Fourth Eye is to see beyond this three-dimensional world and its limitations. It can see beyond polarities and clearly understand the connection between everything. There is no separation in this Eye.

When you align with the Fourth Eye, you no longer see things as black or white, good or bad, but see everything as just an experience, an opportunity for the soul and Spirit to grow. You will be able to look past any differences between you and the others, and not focus on human judgements, instead focusing on pure love. It also makes it easier to take into account that there are lives and existences on other planets and in other dimensions and planes of existence, that are just as complex, as important, and as connected to us as this Earthly incarnation.

When The Fourth Eye Opens

The Fourth Eye Chakra may be laying dormant until a certain level of your spiritual awakening. Often the Third Eye and the Crown Chakras must be fully open and connected for them to send light into the Fourth Eye and activate it.

You must also take care of many human challenges to be ready to open it. The physical body must be in a good, pure form for it to be able to reflect back to the spiritual body and awaken it further. As always. keeping a pure diet and healthy lifestyle, and keeping up with the spiritual work, all leads to higher ascension symptoms such as the Fourth Eye Chakra opening.

Some people have reported experiencing severe headaches as a side-effect of that happening, but they also were able to travel interdimensionally.

Fourth Eye Chakra Meditation

Fourth Eye Chakra Balance MeditationOne meditation that helps access the Fourth Eye is inspired by the Angel Bible book by Hazel Raven. First, focus on your Third Eye energy. Become aware of it; feel it. Visualize a silver lunar disk over your left eye, and a golden disk over your physical right dye. These represent the balance between the sun and the moon energies, the internal and external, the feminine and masculine in all of us.

As you visualize these two disks, start imagining them merging together into one. As they do, they will transform into one central white-gold disk. This disk is past polarity, and it is your Fourth Eye Chakra. Feel the harmony of this energy and let it fill you up. Sense how it flows through your whole body and all its various parts and channels. Use this meditation whenever you need to feel harmony and focus on the big picture of creation, beyond the third-dimensional existence.

The Angel Bible: The Definitive Guide to Angel Wisdom


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2 Responses

  1. Mark says:

    Hi. Just wondering does the Fourth Eye mean you have extreme power. Because A LOT recently I have felt like pure energy, like a storm, like a force of nature, like magic, and I have done A LOT of work on my shadows in the last year, which was triggered by a period of madness and disconnection. I had had an intensely beautiful spiritual awakening for five months from February to June 2018 and then that summer I got a bit fucked up. I remember reading in the Hero’s Journey that upon the return, when you are fully awakened, you may well gift the world or if any of the gods or demons resent your return it may result in a mad chase. Why I am talking about this is because I feel wilder, freer, looser, more dangerous and I feel like pure energy and I feel like I have immense power and so I am asking if the Fourth Eye means that you are connecting with infinite power?

  2. Kim says:

    I had a full kundalini awakening and have actually experienced this “4th eye” activating/opening.
    I like ur article, most of what u said is what I am experiencing however it is not located in the aura.
    It is located at the back of the skull near the base … and you can feel it connecting to your third eye when it activates, and actually I’m feeling a fifth eye activating too (above the third eye)
    You become more psychic, visions, dreaming, telepathy, Senses become fine tuned and healing capabilities increase… I can also communicate much more with spirit/guides/angels (whatever one may call them) there is very strong and clear guidance there is lots more and I’m only at the beginning of it, I know there is lots more to come…
    interesting read anyway, Thankyou 🙏🏼❤️

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