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These Five Core Numbers in Numerology Will Help In Revealing Your Path

If you are looking for more insight about your life, numerology can help. There are five main numbers called the core numbers: the Life Path number, your Expression number, your Personality number, your Heart’s Desire number, and your Birthday number.

Each gives you a different piece of vital information that can give your understanding about your path, why things are unfolding in a specific way in your life, and which path in life will be the most beneficial and fruitful for you.

The Life Path Number

Core Numbers Your life path number is the first and most important number because it can tell you which direction your life is meant to go. This number and other numbers can be anywhere from 1 to 9 and each has a specific energy.

You can think of the life path as the main theme of your life. Both opportunities you get and challenges you encounter come from this influence. The life path number never changes; it will guide you for your whole lifetime.

Your life path number makes you either a leader, a motivator, a communicator, a problem solver, a talent, a responsible one, a thinker, a material manifester, or a humanitarian.

To calculate your life path number you need to add all of the numbers in your full birthday—date, month and year. Then add the digits in the number you got until you have a one digit number. This is your life path number.

The Expression Number

While the life path number is about your life, the expression number is all about you—your own strength and weaknesses. It is also known as the destiny number. It corresponds to the core characteristic of your being that you were born with and have been expressing into the world since day one. This number can help you find the best personal goals and activities for your soul.

It also explains to you your own potential, and knowing what it is can serve as motivation to reach it.

To calculate your expression number you need to add all of the letters of your full name together using Pythagorean numbers chart (numbers that correspond to letters) and keep. When you get a two or three digit number, add all the digits individually until you get a one digit number. This is your expression number.

The Personality Number

Core Numbers

Your personality number represents how you show yourself to the world and what first impression others may have of you. It explains how much of your true core self from your expression number you show to others and how that influences the way you bond with others.

To calculate your personality number you need to add only the consonants in your full name, and again keep adding until you get a one digit number. This is your personality number.

The Heart’s Desire Number

Your heart’s desire is what your soul truly wants from this incarnation. Anything you do is subconsciously influenced by this number. It can explain your choices in life and your habits. To calculate your heart’s desire number you need add up only the vowels of your first and last name using this Pythagorean numbers chart. This will be your heart’s desire number!

The Birthday Number

Core NumbersYour birthday number is the last of the core numbers and it is the least significant, yet it tells you about your gift(s) in this lifetime, something you should use to your advantage. This number and its meaning will never change.

Your birthday number is just the day you were born from 1 to 31, learn more here!

What If I Changed My Name?

Name changes either due to marriage or choosing a pseudonym or even a nickname do affect some numerological influences.

Your birth name will always tell you about your destiny, core personality, and born talents.

However, your chosen name will affect how you present yourself in the world, how you connect with others, and your self-expression in your life. It will have some influence on your personality number and heart’s desire number, and a lot of influence on your expression number.

When you have a birth and another name, you should calculate both, the different numbers these three core numbers reveal help reveal a large story. The numbers corresponding with your birth name will tell you where you started, and what is in your core and the three from your other name will tell you which direction you are going.



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  1. Deborah Daniel says:

    The number is the same for all of the cores. What gives?

    • Liam Heartman says:

      Hello Deborah, several of the numbers are calculated the same way, however the interpretation of the numbers are different, also the Life Path number is calculated differently.
      Hope that helps!

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