Get The Most Out Of The First Mercury Retrograde of 2018

Four Ways To Get The Most Out Of The First Mercury Retrograde of 2018

Here it is again! For many people, Mercury retrograde raises a few alarm bells as they prepare for miscommunication, unusual delays in appointments, redirected travel arrangements and the various missing elements in the “well-laid plans.” This round, we get to have the added voice of Aries as part of the cosmic chorus. With Mercury in this potentially volatile house of Aries, there is even more opportunity to hone your communication skills, interpersonal relations, and capacity to get your ideas across clearly. Think about it like this, if you were in front of one of the most powerful warriors of our time, would you try to taunt this warrior or would you make a concerted effort to be clear and concise, present and astute, gregarious and joyful? This is exactly how to treat the Aries energy—with great respect, veneration, and humility.

Although the above preparations can all be part of the experience, let’s get into another aspect of Mercury in retrograde that is often missing among all the focus on the potentially challenging factors: our will. When we focus our will on our highest capabilities, capacities, and potentials we can ride through any and all astrological events in full stride. This is primarily due to the inherent power of our connection to co-creation. Akin to the old adage, “life begets life,” we are geared toward all forms of co-creation much like the giant planetary bodies.

The planets are like giant consciousness filters and they can influence how we navigate our lives. When treated as something like a trusted adviser, these planetary energies can help to inform our being, uplift our energies, encourage our highest evolutionary momentum, and help us connect with Source more deeply. However, just like a personal adviser, the planetary bodies play a part within our circle of natural consultants and do not take action for us. We are responsible for walking our own road and living out our lives for ourselves.

MerKaBaWhen adopting a mindset of astrological consultation, it is important to take on board our own personal power. The point here is to make sure that any adversarial chatter that may arise around you regarding a particularly “challenging” astrological event (such as a Mercury going retrograde in Aries) that you stay grounded in your divinity. You are also a powerful filter for consciousness just like the planetary bodies. You can have more of an impact on your experiences in the world than you may be giving yourself credit for. You are perfectly nestled in the center of your power, and the way you choose to live in this sacred space can have an astonishing impact on your ability to co-create your dreams, live your full potential, experience abundance, and enjoy deeply fulfilling relationships.

Mercury in Retorgrade MeditationIf you’d like to get the most out of your divine capacity, here’s a Mercury in retrograde personal health checklist:

1: Get Your Affairs In Order
When you can look at exactly what your plans are, make the appropriate daily adjustments to your schedule, and then take action accordingly, there is a better chance of being able to stay on course and do what you intend to do. In this way, there is much less opportunity for interruptions to cross your path.

2: Get Clear on What You Are Communicating with the World
When you are clear on what you are doing in the world, it makes it easier to stay the course of the message you are also bringing. When you can be clear on your message and have a humble yet spirited approach to communicating it, the chances of miscommunication are mitigated almost entirely.

3: Be Humble
Humility is one of the most important tools for navigating any sociocultural atmosphere. The attitude of humility always places the heart in the space of both receptivity and personal power simultaneously. It allows you to stay your course while being malleable to your surroundings.

4: Take Personal Time to Be With Yourself Daily
Taking the time to get still within our hearts and become aware of all the inner fluctuations of our mind, body, and emotions helps provide a solid ground to base our experiences upon. This can help to quell any challenges around feeling off during more intense periods of self-doubt, lack of peacefulness, or eruptions of physical stress.

Remember, the point of consulting any astrological transit is to use it as a mirror into your consciousness. The planetary bodies are very powerful conduits for energy exchange and can be a welcomed assistant on our journey of ascension. Even if Mercury is in retrograde, you are a powerful co-creator and have the power to use all of your faculties to facilitate joy, abundance, clarity, power, and love into the world.

Saturn in CapricornImportant Note:
Perhaps even more impactful than the 3-week mercury retrograde that lasts until mid-April, is the Saturn in Capricorn alignment that began in December 2017 and stays with us for the next two and a half years. This is the primary energy filter that will be helping to facilitate big changes socioculturally. Saturn is the ruler of structure and authority, and with Capricorn in the picture, this is doubly so. We can expect big influences across the banking, industrial, and business sectors during this 2.5-year period throughout this transit. Men and fathers will also be supported throughout this period as well.

This is an exeptionally extraordinary period, however. This Saturnian energy is on the slate for a long and potent influence because right after Saturn leaves Capricorn, it enters into Aquarius. Saturn is the ruler of both of these houses and is thus the dominant planetary filter for the next five years. This is not something to baulk at if we consider historical precedent. In the last 100 years, there have been four significant Saturn in Capricorn/Aquarius transit periods that permanently changed the face of our sociocultural trajectory.

Some of the most impactful times in history are during this unique period, and this one will likely aim to please as well. This will most assuredly be a game-changer. To see this effect first hand, just take a look at some of the previous Saturn in Capricorn periods that ushered in JFK, the end of the Weimar Republic, the fall of the Berlin Wall, the Great Depression, and others. The patriarchy is in for quite the ride throughout this short tenure, and we can be sure to see some supercharged energetic help from this massive planetary influence.

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