Eyes of Others Reincarnation

Finding Ourselves in the Eyes of Others

Aaron Fehr

Born a spiritual seeker, I have always been passionate about the various perspectives of our reality and our creators. My mission in life is to walk the path of the true masters and find myself as their student, sharing all that I have experienced with those around me and work to spread peace across the Earth!

3 Responses

  1. tad says:

    this one artical just changed my whole mindset

  2. raben says:

    I agree. Continue on spreading consciousness and opening eyes because we need more stuff like this to be shared in this society.

  3. Mary Young says:

    The most important commandments say all. If God’s word would be received spiritually and metaphorically instead if literally we would already be on the right path. Ofcourse there was a big bang and from the PURE UNADULTERATED LOVE”GOD” we were birthed like stars from cleansing fire. In order to completely know love wouldn’t we need an alternative? Wouldn’t free will to choose LOVE over ego. Who caused the destruction of Eden? We did. We still do. Nature gives us all we need . So thank God for rebirth; thank goodness we are born again and again… I believe paradise/heaven is our future here on Earth when the Ego is completely gone when forever ends and eternity begins. Why wouldn’t we live forever if we respected nature and each other ∆
    I absolutely love you! Salt + Light 💞

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