Mercury Retrograde 2018 Love

How to Survive and Thrive in the Very Last Retrograde of 2018

What has not happened in 2018! We’ve had many retrogrades, powerful eclipses, and open gates for energetic adjustments and downloads. It has been an intense ride for most people, and it is easy to overlook the gifts that this time has provided. The main gift is of growth, and it is not over yet. The third and last Mercury retrograde comes as the last planetary retrograde and last energetic attunement of 2018.

Mercury retrograde will start on November 17 (a day after Venus goes direct) and will end on December 6. After two other Mercury retrogrades this year as well as retrogrades of Mars, Venus, Saturn, Neptune, Pluto, and Chiron, this one comes at the very end of the year almost as a test—but one you are destined to pass.

After a full karmic purge throughout the year, you are ready to let go of everything holding you back and maybe for the first time ever, fully shine your light.

The Test of Love

Retrograde Love Test

The easiest way to let go of karma, to transmute negative energy, or even fight against an entity that is preventing you from living your full potential is to use the power of love.

  • You have a negative thought?—Send it Love.
  • Something bad has occurred?—Send it Love.
  • A person from your past came back just to pick a fight?—Send them Love.

As usual, this Mercury retrograde can bring confusion, communication issues, and misunderstanding. Also provoked because it is square Neptune, it can add more breakdowns and emotional turmoil into the mix. In good news, Jupiter exited Scorpio earlier this month, which will help lift the confusion.

No matter what Mercury retrograde throws at you this time, treat it will love. Fill your heart with love, and you will pass the test. This will move you into a new chapter in your life and the new year with all kinds of possibilities.

And remember that this November is a strong month for manifestation as it is the eleventh month of an eleventh year in Numerology, the number of beginnings, creation, and manifesting.

Dark and Light Battle

Retrograde Light Vs DarkThis Mercury retrograde starts in Sagittarius then back to Scorpio, and this will make the light and dark influences battle—most likely in your own mind. Scorpio’s energy is intense and internal, but Sagittarius is external. This influence can make this retrograde the most emotional one yet.

Again, the advice is—stick to love, act from kindness, speak with honesty, and send love to any emotion that arises and say it ‘thank you’ for teaching you and making you grow.

Do not allow others to steal your energy. That includes reacting to negative people at work, allowing toxic people back in, or listening to fear-based news that dims your light.

When needed, please rely on proper self-care. Take time to yourself when you need it, find ways to relax, slow down, and heal.

By the time Winter Holidays and New Year’s will roll around, you will be a happy, new person, and all of this will be left behind. What will stay is—Love.



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