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Feng Shui 101: The 9 Most Important Abundance Spots In Your Home or Room

Feng Shui is an ancient complex system of living that came from China and is still studied and applied today. It combines the knowledge of energy, object placement, color, symbols and direction to create spaces of good energy inside and surrounding buildings.

Using feng shui is a way to bring balance and harmony back into our environment, and increase its positive energy. Its teachings reveal how everything has energy and has a direct effect on people and animals.

There are many tools and principles that feng shui uses. The most commonly used tool—and the one that anyone can start learning and using today—is the Bagua Map.

Using this map can help you locate the areas of your home, your bedroom, or your place of work that serve different parts of your life. When you have identified these areas, you can remove objects that contradict its energy and instead place the ones that create abundance in those areas. These solutions can be cheap, easy, and can be done by anyone.

Using the Feng Shui Bagua Map

There are two different types of Bagua maps—the traditional or classical one, and the modern Western version. The latter is the most known in North America today and the one that is the easiest to use in modern-day square-shaped houses.

This square map is divided equally into different squares (three by three).

On the top row from left to right are wealth/prosperity, fame/reputation, and love/relationships.

The middle row has family, health, and creativity/children.

The bottom row contains knowledge, career, and headful people/travel centers.

The front entrance is below the bottom row.

To use this map, you should sketch to scale the layout of your house—you can also use just your bedroom or your office. If your house is in L-shape, T-shape, or Z-shape, some of the corners will be outside your house. Energy outside the house can also be improved.

You will see which rooms or part of one room fall onto which squares and the areas of life that they correlate to. Your next step if seeing if the energy there is balanced or not—in which case there are ways to improve the energy.

Feng Shui StoneWealth and Prosperity Corner

Your wealth corner in feng shui is responsible for your money and finances.

If this corner is in your kitchen or a bathroom, it is important to not let money figuratively run down the drain. To avoid this from happening, tie a red string around any faucets, close any drains with a few decorative rocks (that way the water can still drain), and always keep the toilet lid down.

Money likes wood and water. It is recommended to put a little water fountain in your wealth corner. If that is not possible, a picture of a waterfall will do the job. Other money supportive objects are a money tree or dark green houseplants, wood elements, objects that symbolize wealth for you, citrine and pyrite crystals, and a laughing Buddha statue.

Fame and Reputation Corner

The fame corner in feng shui is especially important if you are working on your own business or if you are a public figure.

This area also likes wood, but its other element is fire. If you have a fireplace in this corner, that is wonderful, but a picture of a fireplace or a bonfire will also fuel this energy.

You want to decorate this area with colors of red, orange, and yellow, tall lights, wooden art, and candles.

Love and Relationships Corner

For this corner, you should always use everything in pairs. If you have a candle, have two. Do not hang a painting of just one rose, but two roses. You want to avoid any images of being single if you are working on an existing relationship or would like to find one. Other symbols to avoid are large mirrors, and water, metal, or wood elements.

This corner likes elements of Earth and fire and any objects that signify love. This can be fiery red pillows, a red lamp, more tall lights, and red items in twos such as candles.

Family and Community Corner

The family corner in feng shui is responsible for the health and happiness of you and your family as well as your family’s relationships with one another.

You should put photos of your family or ancestors, and items that remind you of them and their love and support. Family portraits from joyful life events are the best.

Feng Shui ElementsHealth and Well-Being Corner (Good Fortune)

The health and balance corner in feng shui is the same as the good luck or fortune corner. Health is the person’s biggest fortune after all.

You want to put objects here that remind you of health such as vibrant, healthy plants, pictures of strong trees and beautiful landscapes, and written affirmations.
This area likes to have objects with flowers on them and more wooden objects.

Creativity and Children Corner

The creativity and children corner is one and the same because your youthful creative spirit comes from your inner child.

This area likes metal elements, colors gray and white, and the oval shape. You should place a lot of art objects in this area, as well as photos of your children.

Knowledge (Self-Cultivation) Corner

The knowledge corner in feng shui is associated with information, wisdom, skills, and spirituality.

If you have a bookshelf, place it in this corner, or just put a few books and notepads in this area.

This area needs to have elements of Earth such as clay figurines, images of tall mountains, ceramic bowls, or porcelain vases.

Career Corner

This area is connected with your career and your mission in life. It likes both water and metal elements.

Objects to place here are mirrors, black and white images, a lot of blue colors, and art that depicts water.

Helpful People and Travel Corner

This corner helps you attracts meaningful connections into your life—lifelong friendships, business partners, and great community members.

Gratitude is the key word here. Place objects that help you feel grateful for those people already in your life: hang photos, put up objects those people gave to you, and find a way to use quotes or messages of gratitude. Your gratitude journal can be useful for bringing more of this energy into this area.

If you want to focus on travel and manifest more of it in your life, you can hang a dream board of all of the places you want to visit.

Most importantly—for this and all of the other corners—choose the items that are meaningful to you. They are going to fuel the fire of abundance into all of the areas in your life.

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