Solar Storm

If you are feeling off this week, this cosmic event may be why

Have you been feeling off this week? Don’t worry; you’re not alone. Even though we can do a lot of things to get ourselves uptempo and energized—great food, adequate rest, a bit of activity—sometimes events are happening around us that have an impact on our ability to stay on top of our game. This week, the unsolicited drop in your energy could be related to something that is entirely outside of your control.

GeomagneticsOver the last few weeks, the energy of the sun has been astonishingly high. At the moment, there is a massive chasm on the Earth-facing side of the sun. This 200,000km wide coronal hole ejected a high-speed plasma wind out into the solar system on March 13th. These ejections are so powerful and so fast (over 600km/sec) that once they get near the earth’s electromagnetic field, all sorts of geomagnetic events begin to occur. Solar storms like this one temporarily affect the earth’s magnetosphere as the solar wind and flares make contact with the earth’s aura. We too are affected by this as our electromagnetic aura is profoundly and intimately integrated into the earth’s field as well.

Solar MeditationThe effect of this storm is most powerfully felt between March 21st and March 26th and can have a series of impacts on your personal experience throughout these days. This can be even more palpable if you already are emotionally/mentally/spiritually sensitive, empathic, an energy worker, etc. Not to fear though, these fluctuations are part of our personal evolution and we can ride out these energetic shifts through introspection, proper rest, adequate water intake, positive affirmations, meditation, and unconditional love.

Beyond the Biology of BeliefOne of the things that can occur during this period is the experience of an ‘ascension flu.’ This happens when our full-being is going through a quick increase in our light-holding capacity. It’s almost like a biological version of a computer operating system upgrade where the body needs to purge, reset, and regroup with the new information. As the body begins to hold more light, the lower density energy must be released. This can happen in all kinds of ways, including:

-Headaches/temporary memory loss/aches and pains
-Nausea/upset stomach (solar plexus)
-Unsolicited irritability, anxiety, frustration, anger, worry.
-An unusual increase in hunger or thirst
-Increased awareness, intuition, insights
-Seeing energy/orbs/flashes of light
-Increased sensitivity to energy in the body like warm palms, buzzing chakras, crown tingles
-Increased synchronicities
-Increased awareness of positive/negative energy in others
-Technology disturbances

Heart Cosmos Balance

Depending on where you are in your personal ascension process, you may experience some or all of the these. Many lightworkers are already aware of the positive impact that these storms bring through our consciousness. They are like energetic purges that bring out the best in our abilities.

So, make a point of taking a break, care for yourself, eat high-energy foods, take a salt bath, practice loving kindness, spend some time in nature, and above all hold yourself in the space of divine love and energetic acceptance.

Spend some time cleansing your energy at the beginning and ending of each day through being alone in your divinity. You are more powerful than you may believe, and are loved more deeply than you may imagine.




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13 Responses

  1. P. Lantsalot says:

    This explains so much… Thanks for this!

  2. JD says:

    Yes I was wondering what was happening and other people too. Migraines, upset stomachs, nerves on edge, anxiety. A whole litany of things. This explains it. Thanks for that.

  3. Thank you so much for posting this, it explains a lot !

  4. Alice Wright says:

    I was wondering what was wrong with me. All day yesterday I did not know which way to turn. I kept saying aloud,”What is wrong with me”. I am so glad to find this. Now I know. Thank you

  5. I actually took the whole week off. I went and partied and stayed with friends. I ate really healthy and wholesome for the most part. I found meat almost sickening and even eggs. I spent loads of time in nature and laughing. Reading this made me feel a bit less guilty for enjoying myself, although I did drink way too much, smoked cigarettes and felt upset with that. I thought that maybe this was stopping me from ascending, as I often get hooked into mad old habits when these kinds of events occur. I realise that as you say it’s part of my evolution too. I love my life!

  6. Victoria Isobel Best says:


  7. Christine Bonoli says:

    Well, this explains a tingling I’ve been experiencing between my eyes in the area behind my upper sinus region and some light headedness this week.

  8. This explains so much, thank you for your post! I thought I was just having side-effects from my ascension flu shot!

  9. S * A * V * I * O * U * R says:

    STAND UP! And SAY ! “ I AM ! “


    STAND UP !

    SAY !

    “ I AM ! “

  10. Neena Majumdar says:

    Thank you for the information. This helps me to understand some of the strangeness and upliftnesd I had been experiencing.experiencing.

  11. shubham says:

    thank you for all the information 🙂

  12. Alice Wright says:

    Thank you for reminding me that I am loved.

  13. Concetta campea says:

    Can this cause dizziness?

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