February 19 2019 Full Moon

Massive February 19 Super Moon is Impacting Earth and What You Can Do With These Powerful Energies

The next full moon happening on February 19th is almost as powerful as the recent total lunar eclipse. If you missed the January event, this one will offer a similar energetic attunement. Native American traditions in Northern America call this one the Snow Moon due to usually heavy snow around this time. Astronomers remind us that it is the brightest and largest full moon of the whole year. Spiritually this full moon in the sign of Virgo might just shift the collective consciousness on the soul level.

What Is Happening Since the Lunar Eclipse

Whether you have seen January’s total lunar eclipse in person, on a photograph, or just experienced its energy, it created long-lasting change for every single person. Eclipses create transitions, and your life may now be going in a different direction or the same direction but guided by a different belief, attitude, or perception, or joined by different people.

This month’s full moon will help you and the collective recognize the pure and unlimited potential on this new path. The full moon at zero degrees of Virgo—zero marking the beginning of creation—can open your heart, mind, and soul to new ways of creating your reality. The key and the gift of this energy is to create though your highest self and understanding.

Creating With Your Higher Self During This Full Moon

Everyone has a Higher Self. It is your soul consciousness, the real you so to speak. It is eternal, unlike your current human body. The Higher Self is ever knowing, and unstoppably powerful. Some people have been able to connect to it in meditations or other spiritual work. Your Higher Self does not change but your connection to it can grow as you evolve, and the messages you receive will get deeper, more detailed, and more spot on as you grow to be able to receive them.

Gathering the energy of the February full moon, you will be able to connect more with this higher aspect of yourself, and you will greatly benefit from doing so intentionally. It is a paradox to connect to your Higher Self, because you are always connected. So instead, you want to feel and access that connection. If you have a working cell phone, you always have access to the Internet, even if you do not turn it on. Similarly with your connection to your Higher Self, you simply want to turn it on.

Here are some tips and tricks for you to do that.

February Full Moon Higher SelfSet a Date With Your Higher Self

Set up a time and space to connect with your inner guidance. Sit or lay down to meditate with soft music that resonates with you playing in the background and imagine yourself sitting in from you surrounded in loving energy of light. After you feel connected, start asking yourself questions and be open to how the answers will show up for you. It can be as thoughts, feelings, images, or even smells and taste. When you receive an answer double check if it sounds fear-based or love-based. Fear-based or painful answers come from the ego.

Journal, Journal, Journal

The messages you receive can be cryptic whether it is in dreams or a meditation practice. To learn to understand what you are told, journaling is the very first step. It will also help you separate your own mental talk from channeled messages. Eventually you may start doing channeled or inspired writing that will help the process.

Work Through Your Fears

Fear is the main emotion that can hold you hostage to a paradigm that is not serving you or a lower-vibrational reality. Becoming aware of fears and repetitive patterns of thoughts or actions is a prerequisite to creating a reality you do want. Otherwise, they may make decisions without your conscious knowledge. February’s full moon may reignite some fears in you in order for you to see them for what they are and work through them. The first step is to acknowledge their existence.

While you are healing your connection to your true self, before manifesting your new, beautiful reality, go outside during the full moon and let its light surround you. Imagine it showering you with love and energy, and imagine you life as vibrant as you wish it to be. And so it will be.



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