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5 Amazing Mental Benefits of Exercise

Looking for a brain boost? Not wanting to purchase supplements? Today we share 5 amazing exercise benefits that will get you out of your seat!

1. Decreases Depression and Anxiety

happy heart exercise benefitsExercising has been proven to raise endorphin levels which is a chemical in the body that makes us feel great. Increased endorphin levels cause a decrease in symptoms of depression and anxiety. Doctors have started to recommend exercise to people with depression and anxiety, and in some cases recommend exercise before putting a patient on medication. Just doing a 30 minute work out a couple times a week can help.

Exercising is natural and very effective at treating anxiety as there are no negative side-effects. It relieves stress and tension while boosting physical and mental energy. Exercise can also be a good distraction too, stopping your brain from thinking to much or at least thinking negatively. Additionally it helps you become more mindful of your body and this will help prevent you from relapsing.

2. Improves Self-Esteem

As exercises raise endorphin levels you will be more positive and think more highly of yourself. It can quickly raise your perception of how attractive you are, regardless of how you look. Exercising can help you lose weight and gain muscle which can make you feel more confident about yourself. You can accomplish a lot through exercise that will help boost your self-esteem.

3. Lowers Stress

Exercise also helps to reduce stress levels which in turn makes us happier and healthier. Raising heart rate can reverse stress that has potential to cause brain damage because it stimulates the neurohormones which improve cognition, mood and thinking ability that can be negatively impacted by stress.

It also helps the body’s central and sympathetic nervous system to work with each other improving how the body deal with stress. Working out helps the body feel more relax which in turn helps manage physical and mental stress by relieving the tension in the body.

4. Improves Brain Functions

exercise benefitsExercise can help boost memory, help to further build intelligence and even boost creativity and mental energy. Additionally it helps with boosting decision making and learning. It also helps to prevent cognitive decline and memory loss.

Having a regular cardiovascular workout can help create new brains cells and strengthen the hippocampus which is an important part of the brain for memory and learning.

5. It Makes it Easier to Relax

When working out the body releases tension in your muscles and it helps regulate sleep. Even a moderate workout it can be similar to a sleeping pill for some. People with insomnia are encouraged to exercise more frequently because they will have an easier time getting to sleep. Five or Six hours before you go to bed, got for a workout. This raises the body’s temperature which causes a calming effect on the brain and when it drops hours later you will feel tired. Having a workout schedule before bed can help you have regular sleep cycles.



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