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5 Energy Protection Shields You Can Start Using Today

Every day you are surrounded by new people and experiences both carrying diverse energy. Some may not be beneficial to you. Just as there are bacteria in our physical world, the energetic fabric of this plane also carries parasites—just energetic in nature. And just like you take precaution to prevent viruses and things that can lead to physical ailments, it is just as important to protect you energy field. A great way to do that is using one or more of these energy shields.

How To Keep Your Energy Strong

Strong Heart Shields A shield is an energetic layer that protects you from psychic attacks and low-vibrational energy from penetrating your personal space. It is the first line for defense; however, it should not be your only defense. A strong shield works best when protecting a strong internal Self.

To keep yourself spiritually strong you must remove as many negative influences as you can out of your life while adding positive influences.

This means avoiding man made drugs and alcohol, processed foods and sugar, negative thinking or speaking, toxic relationships and interactions, soul draining jobs, and things that increase stress. Instead, you must add more nutrients into your diet, yoga and meditation into your routine, positive and community-minded people, and projects that make you joyful.

When all of these things are not possible and as a preventative measure, you should also have a routine energy cleansing ritual as simple as smudging or energetic cord cutting. Both of these topics are discussed in depth in my other articles.

Now that your core energy is strong, you can build up a shield to protect it—and there many different ways to do that.

What Is An Energy Shield?

A shield is your first protection against negative energetic influences. It is an energetic layer of light around your body—the light of creation itself. Most shields (besides clothing and protective jewelry) are invisible to others yet powerful. A shield prevents your energy from being depleted and prevents psychic attacks (when someone is purposely or accidentally is trying to hurt you).

Most shields block any negative energy, a few make it bounce back to the sender, and a few are able to absorb and transmute any dark energy without any harm and even providing some healing for the source of this energy.

You can either create a permanent shield and keep strengthening it as the time goes by with a practice called shielding or you can create temporary shields but train your body to put one up in an instant. When you do it often enough, you will be able to put a shield up in a second without much conscious thought.

Benefits of an energy shield are multiple:

  • Protect your spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical well-being
  • Block any negative energies coming your way
  • Make sure your spiritual growth is not interrupted by outside forces
  • Block people who are trying to read your mind or steal your energy
  • Increase your intuitive abilities
  • Protect yourself from curses or low-vibrational entities
  • Be used for protection when dreaming or astral projecting

When Not To Use A Shield

An energy shield will often protect you from all the energies; even though it is meant to block anything negative, it still numbs you to positive energies as well. If you consciously choose to block all the energy out for any period of time, a shield is a great idea.

However, if you would still like to be open to feeling the energy of people you meet and be open to connection with the spirits of nature and other high vibrational inter-dimensional beings, you may want to use a shield intentionally and only when necessary.

The exception is the light shield which is discussed below. This shield is often evoked every 12 hours to create a stronger bond and protection with your angels and guides.

A Bubble Shield (Easy and Useful for Empaths)

Bubble Shields

The first and easiest shield on this list is called the Bubble Shield. It is useful for every day protection, especially against human negative energies. If you have a negative coworker, a toxic neighbor, or have to deal with a lot of clients at work, this shield with protect from you absorbing any of their negativity. This makes it a perfect beginner shield for empaths.

You can create this shield via visualization and strengthen it by meditating every day while imagining it surrounding you.

To put it up you can imagine a shell building around your body in an egg shape starting from your feet and going above your head.

This method is not ideal if you have any negative energy in or around you at the time. If that is the case, you can start building it from inside your body. Imagine it start from your chest still in egg shape than grow and expand to eventually end up outside and around your body. This second method makes sure anything negative around your field gets pushed out of your energy field instead of being trapped inside by your own shield.

A Cloaking Shield (Make Yourself ‘Invisible’)

If you know you have to go somewhere you may bump into a negative person, you can create a cloaking shield to become invisible to them. Theoretically you can also increase your spiritual energy and your joy so much that you will vibrate too high for negative influences to notice you. This is similar to how if you become more positive, negative people tend to drop out of your life naturally.

To create a temporary Cloaking Shield (maybe you just want to be left alone one day), you need to visualize a bubble shield but add a mirrored silver surface to it. Depending on your experience, this shield may make you physically un-noticeable to others or make any negativity reflect back to the sender leaving your energy untouched.

A Diffuse Shield (Against Energy Manipulation)

If someone means to harm you—which can happen unconsciously—a bubble shield will not be very effective. In this case, you need to make a Diffuse Shield that will destroy negative energy.

To create a Diffuse Shield, you first have to learn to create a Bubble Shield and make sure it is really thick. Then you want to imagine spikes coming out from the shield in all directions pointing outward from your body—imagine thousands of them, thin and needle like, but free-flowing like fibers. These fibers will destroy any negative energy or intent that is coming your way.

This is temporary shield used in situations where you are in a close proximity with a person or spirit who is not respecting your energetic boundaries such as trying to read your mind or get into your energy field without permission.

A Light Shield (7 Color Options)

A Light Shield is another shield you can visualize. This one is more connected with the angels and your spirit guides, and it can come in different colors for different purposes.

A light shield can be created around your body or around any place or an object to protect it. Each shied lasts about 12 hours and needs to be re-created after that time. The more often you do this, the easier and faster it will go up.

Just like a Bubble Shield, you also visualize an egg-shaped shield around your body but this time made from bright light. The most common one is made from white light which is uplifting and connected to the Divine, but other colors are possible as well.

The Light Shield colors and their effects are:Shields Chakras

  • Pink: bringing more love and compassion
  • Green: healing
  • Purple: transmute negative energy and elevate spiritual powers
  • Blue: aids communication and expressing your truth
  • Rainbow: increases spiritual power
  • Silver: protection in crowds, safety
  • Gold: confidence and creativity

A Triple Shield (Advanced)

A Triple Shield explained by the author Steve Nobel connects to multiple protective sources instead of just one to increase its power.

All three work together in unison. They are created with your intention by visualization and are strengthened by meditation.

The first shield is created from White light and it connects with the crystalline core of the Earth. This one is grounding and protects from negative thoughts and emotions. The second shield is Gold. It connects to the Sun and protects against lower vibrational entities. The third shield is Blue and connects with your Higher Self. It brings you in alignment with your physical and spiritual bodies.



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