Your Energetic Goddess Based On Your Zodiac Sign (Applies to All Genders)

Each zodiac sign carries a particular energy that resonates with certain elements of nature and the spirit world. Each carries a connection to a particular Goddess. Because each of us has both divine feminine and masculine, any person can call upon these Goddesses for support and work together.

Even though we are all connected to everything at all times, and all of us are connected to every one of these Goddess and all other ones too, the one connected to your zodiac sign is closer to you energetically therefore you can call upon her more easily.

Aries – Brigid, Celtic Goddess of Fire

Brigid, the Goddess of fire and light, is perfect for the fiery Aries. She has healing and transformative powers that are comparable to alchemy or turning one thing into another. Therefore, her fire in not destructive, but rather transmuting. You can call upon her for strength, guidance for balancing the fire and peace, and inspiration on using your powers for good.

Goddess Hathor

Taurus – Hathor, Egyptian Goddess of Love and Beauty

Hathor may be the one welcoming the dead to the afterlife, but here on Earth her role is all about love, beauty, dance, and fertility. Taurus also likes the finer things in life, and finds beauty in everything. Tauruses can call on Hathor when they need to be reminded to love openly and enjoy life to the fullest.

Gemini – Iris, Olympian Goddess of Communication

Iris is the goddess that connects Olympian gods to the human race. She is a messenger, and just like Gemini, she is fast and has great powers of communication. As Gemini can fall into more talking than listening, calling on Iris can help them better understand others, especially on sensitive topics.

Goddess Artemis

Cancer – Artemis, Greek Goddess of Moon and Nature

Artemis, the goddess of the moon, is often called the ‘shining one.’ She keeps women safe, and possesses sorceress-like powers. For the intuitive and emotionally in-tune cancer, Artemis can help balance and calm the emotions and open up inner power. For everyone, Artemis can help connect to the moon during any of its phases.

Leo – Sekhmet, Egyptian Warrior Goddess or The Lioness

Leo or the lion is the perfect match to Sekhmet, the Egyptian lioness. This Goddess is extremely powerful, fierce, and protective of all she loves. Call upon Sekhmet when you need help standing in your power and fight any wrong doings. She will give you the strength and courage you need. She can also guide you towards your purpose, as this often too requires bravery.

Goddess PersephoneVirgo – Persephone, Greek Goddess, Daughter of Mother Nature

Persephone is a beautiful maiden just like Virgo. She is a Queen in the underworld, but on the Earth plain, she makes sure the seasons change peacefully. It is all about transition from one to another. Nature loves her for that. You can call her to give you hope, especially in darker times. She will remind you that everything ends even the darkness, and the light will take its place soon.

Libra – Isis, Egyptian Goddess of Magic

Isis, the goddess of magic, mystery, and healing, has unstoppable powers. She even brought the dead back to life. She is a protective mother, and loving servant to all people. You can call on Isis to help you make the right decision and not have the mind wander anymore. She will show you how to put your mind at peace and heal your emotions as well.

Goddess Morrigan

Scorpio – Morrigan, Celtic Raven Goddess, Warrior

The warrior goddess Morrigan is represented by her three ravens that help her see into other worlds and dimensions. Scorpios can call this goddess to remind them that life is an adventure, both the good and the bad, life and death; it may be a battle, but one that is totally worth fighting for. Morrigan shows you your inner divine warrior and uncovers the truth for you about your life and this world.

Sagittarius – Athena, Greek Goddess of Wisdom

Goddess of Wisdom Athena serves the good and brings justice into the world. She is one of the gods who makes sure that the light will always win. To do that she shows people how to be brave and shut down fears, while following the path even when it is tough. You can ask Athena to help you gain wisdom on a daily basis to help you find and stay on your path.

Goddess Freya

Capricorn – Freya, Queen of the Valkyries of Norse Mythology

Freya is the queen of the Valkyries and the witches. She supports anyone performing magic, oracle readings, chanting, and psychic abilities. She is connected to many spiritual guides and possesses great powers. The reason to call her, however, is more Earthly. She can give you strength to succeed in life and to reach any of your goals.

Aquarius – Maeve, Celtic Goddess of Song

Another goddess with the warrior archetype is Maeve, the goddess of song, often called “the intoxicating one.” She is strong-willed and ambitious with a liking for supernatural abilities. She is independent and honors freedom above anything else. You can ask her to assist you when this world seems too heavy, and you need to remember its magic and your own.

Goddess Yemoja

Pisces – Yemoja, The Mother of Waters from the Yoruba Religion

Lastly, Yemaya is the mother of waters and the lady of rain. Besides water, she is connected with the moon, the subconscious mind, and creativity. When you ask for her help, she will give you and your home protection, healing, and love. Call her when you need to feel safe and supported by a spiritual mother figure. Yemaya is ready to listen and answer you requests.

Do you resonate with your zodiac Goddess and is there another that you feel connected to? Tell us in the comments below.



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