Empathy 103 – Soul Force, The Empath’s Secret Weapon

Let’s face it, empathy can be challenging. The experience of feeling everything so deeply is sometimes even viewed as a curse by those unaware of how to ground and filter the emotional energies in and around them. What is often overlooked in the empath phenomenon is the basic principles at play. As an empath, you are receiving or tapping into the emotional energy of others. That means that emotional energy is broadcast, and knowing that means you can choose what to broadcast and how you want to do so. Doing so can affect people whether they are conscious of it like an empath is or not. The only difference is whether you are open to intentionally sending and receiving this broadcast. If you are the one focused on intentionally sending emotional energy you are choosing to generate, you can’t be flooded with anyone else’s emotional energy.

Whoa! Pretty heavy, right?

Empathy ForceWith that doozy of a thought, you’re probably wondering what that has to do with Soul Force. You may have heard of it before under that name or Truth Force, or the Sanskrit name Gandhi used Satyagraha. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. used the term Soul Force, and he as well as Gandhi were both powerful empaths able to use this technique to effect crowds of people for the benefit of all. They are not the only people to have ever done this, and we all do a form of it unconsciously at times.

What is it though? Gandhi says of this force, “truth (satya) implies love, and firmness (agraha) engenders and therefore serves as a synonym for force. I thus began to call the Indian movement Satyagraha, that is to say, the Force which is born of Truth and Love or non-violence, and gave up the use of the phrase “passive resistance”, in connection with it, so much so that even in English writing we often avoided it and used instead the word “satyagraha” itself or some other equivalent English phrase.”

How does this help your efforts? ‘My daily struggles aren’t a nonviolent resistance movement to free my country,’ you say? That’s ok, the technique within that description tells us that we can use the Heart’s Anchor Technique from the Empathy 101 article and build onto it to create the Soul Force Technique.

Empathy NatureSoul Force Technique:
Begin with the Heart’s Anchor Technique. Once you have anchored in the feeling and are breathing deeply you will feel the energy of that feeling filling up your body and then your aura. As you continue breathing, let your aura expand as you breathe more and more emotionally empowered energy into it. Fill the room around you, continuing through walls, the ground, and in all directions for as long as you want to keep letting the energy build up. As you come out of the active practice you will feel your aura is charged up and extended pretty far. As it naturally retracts back in throughout your day, just return to this technique to charge and expand your aura allowing it’s high vibrational energy to cleanse your environment for the benefit of all.

CAUTION: Regular practice of this technique will raise not only your vibration but that of your environment and all those who interact with the affected environment. As well as increased incidence of synchronicity relative to radiance rate as measured by the total vibratory increase over the area of reach.

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How you change people, a frisson-inducing video about Soul Force:

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