These 5 Emotions Damage Organs In Your Body – How To Flip The Positive Switch

Everything in a human body is interconnected. When a dis-ease happens, did it cause emotional distress, or did a negative emotion trigger a physical ailment? The two can be closely interconnected! This is why taking care of your emotional state, releasing negative emotions, and substituting them with positive ones may end up being a life-saving habit. Emotions can damage your health.

Every time you have a negative thought—replace it with three positive ones. Every time you feel a negative emotion, meditate on its origin, do your best to release it, and focus on the positive emotion that is its opposite.

Keep reading to see which emotions cause damage to your health, a list of specific organs they affect, and tips on switching them with positive, healing ones.

Negative Emotions – Impact on The Body

Each emotion has a specific effect on the body, but the majority of them can be grouped into five categories.

Emotions OrgansDoubt and greed affect your heart—physically. There is a lot of metaphors around heartbreak, and while the heart does not actually break, having relationship doubts as well as doubts about life can actually hurt it.

Grief and sadness affect the lungs and the large intestine. Feeling sad can cause digestive problems and also cause more difficulty breathing. Have you noticed that if you are sad, you may be sighing more as your body required deeper breathing and more oxygen?

Anxiety and depression affect the spleen and stomach. Chinese medicine explains that the spleen holds every emotional worry you have ever had, and when not released, it can make it ill.

Anger and indecisiveness affect the liver and gallbladder. People who abuse alcohol often have anger control issues as well as liver problems. That is not surprising because the two are connected.

Fear and laziness affect the kidneys and bladder. Fear is linked with an inability to let go of control or of the past negative experiences that trigger this emotion. This inability to let go can hurt kidney health.

Emotions Substitute Chart

The great psychiatrist Carl Jung said that each of us has negative emotions and certain traits that we would rather hide. They are a part of your shadow. Each negative emotion is to be confronted, not hidden, and replaced with its opposite.

Emotions JoyHere are some of the opposites to remember:

Doubt -> Curiosity
Greed -> Compassion/Charity
Grief -> Joy
Sadness -> Acceptance/Peace
Anxiety -> Excitement
Depression -> Vitality
Anger -> Gratitude
Indecisiveness -> Courage
Fear -> Love
Laziness -> Enthusiasm

This list varies based on different psychological research. The most important part of this is finding an emotion that works for you in replacing the negative one you feel.

How To Change Your Emotions

Everyone experiences negative emotions. The key is to not live in them too long.

To quickly switch your mood from negative to positive, try the following:

  • Get moving. Whether it is running, yoga, or anything else, getting away from one spot can shift your mood almost instantly.
  • Watch something inspiring, a documentary, a video, or listen to a song. Receive positive messages.
  • Get out a gratitude journal and write a few things you are thankful for or call a friend and tell them how much you appreciate them.
  • Act as if you were in a positive mood. If you were feeling great today, what would you do? Do that.
  • Invite yourself to consider going on with the day as if everything is fine. Canceling plans can often keep you in the negative loop.

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