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The Eclipse Meaning, and the Great Cosmic Clock!

It’s very easy to get pulled into the hype of the eclipse. There is so much media attention and coverage about it, everyone’s talking about it, and millions of people are crowding into a thin line across the entire country to see it. The eclipse itself is significant too; this is the first total eclipse to cross the entire continental United States in 38 years, and 99 years since a total eclipse has passed over the entire country.

With this in mind, what are we really to take from this experience? What meaning is there to be found in the moon crossing in the path of the sun in the sky?

Open SpaceMankind is a creature that wants. Meaning, we are constantly in a state of searching for deeper meaning in everything, whether its signs in the movements of the celestial bodies, in the words of ancient prophets, psychedelic meditations or mundane and synchronistic daily experiences. This feeling of wanting comes from our own lack of meaning that we often feel in our lives, and the desire for a greater sense of purpose in the cosmos.

Thus, when big astronomical events roll around, such as a major eclipse or other forms of celestial alignments, we can see the enthusiasm spiking in the collective consciousness because it would appear that at long last something big is happening, something that might be a sign of hope that God is watching or that real change is coming! But yet, these are the speculations in the hearts of humanity, and not necessarily a meaning which has been prescribed by a higher force.

Also anything exciting like this draws lots of attention, and so the news and media outlets are more than willing to build up the hype, so facts and far fetched ideas may be spread as they catch the eyes of their readers and in turn get more views and thus more dollars.

However, if we simply take a step back for just a minute and look at the cosmos from a more objective perspective, without as many human emotions attached, we see something that is serene, beautiful, and incredibly simple.

The entire wheel of the cosmos can be represented as a great celestial clock!

Cosmic ClockFrom this perspective we can see that an eclipse could be likened to an elaborate clock-face where two great hands on the clock cross in front of each other, only for a moment, before the clock continues its progression.

When the hour hand, minute hand, and second hand all meet at the same point, what do we call that? Depending on the cycle, it could represent a new day, or the transition from AM to PM. Once a year we celebrate new year’s, giving significance to our rotation around the sun in its perpetual cycle. On a digital clock we might find meaning in 11:11, or other triple numbers. Yet no matter what, those cycles just simply exist; It is us who are the ones to give these concepts meaning, even if we are correlating these meanings by other esoteric phenomenon, such as numerology or astrology.

This is not to say that the eclipse is just some mundane event. Nay, it is definitely a worthwhile event! This specific eclipse could be likened to a new-year celebration which are far and few in number; there are going to be so many people who have never even seen a total eclipse before, and who may never see one again! This then becomes an event of a lifetime, and one that you don’t want to miss.

If anything, let this article simply serve as a reminder that the value and beauty of the eclipse is in its nature alone. It doesn’t have to be special because it signifies the end of the Earth or some other ancient prophecy, but because it is a celestial alignment which inspires wonder and awe to anyone who takes the time to appreciate it.

Today, and for every celestial alignment in the future; enjoy it to the fullest! It will be a day to remember and cherish.

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2 Responses

  1. Kai says:

    But it’s there a true spiritual meaning to an solar eclipse?

  2. Worraph Y'inehtna says:

    Well, if you take into account the electromagnetic energy of the sun been channeled through the moon, then you may decipher an answer Kai.

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