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5 Benefits of Eating a Raw Diet

Eating raw is basically eating mostly unprocessed and uncooked fruits and vegetables but you can also eat seeds, nuts, beans and whole grains. The more food we eat that is raw, the more life force we will gain but there is also a ton of other benefits for eating raw.

When you first start on this diet make sure to slowly eat more raw, don’t push yourself to go straight to a 100% raw immediately. It will make things even more difficult. Try to start off by eating 75% raw and 25% anything else and then slowly increase the amount of raw you eat until you are at 100%.

1. Eating Raw Helps You Make Better Choices

When you start having a cleaner and more fresh diet by not eating as much processed foods, you become more self aware of what goes on inside of your body. You will crave better foods and you are able to make good choices even when you crave something sweet. Junk food will probably not sound appetising anymore.

2. A Raw Diet Will Give You More Energy

Environmentally Friendly

Raw foods are really good quality and this means they will fill your nutritional needs and you won’t need to eat as much to get it. When you eat more raw you will have a good balance of water, nutrients and fiber. This will give you more energy and make you feel more satisfied on smaller meals. Increasing how much raw food you eat will decrease your need for sleep and it will be easier to get out of bed in the morning. When you cook the food, it decreasing the amount of vitamins and damages proteins, fats and enzymes.

3. Eating Raw is Good for the Environment

A raw food diet usually has less packaging because raw foods normally don’t come in cans or plastics and there is less use of energy sources for cooking.
The more people who eat raw will create more of a need for gardening. While using less packaging and consuming less energy resources. There will be less pollutants put into the environment thanks to this diet.

4. Eating Raw Decreases Your Chances of Getting Diseases

Eating raw allows you to live a healthier lifestyle which in turn, you will get sick less often as your immune system will be able to fight disease more easily. You lower your chances of getting cancer, heart disease and diabetes. Eating raw also helps your consume less free radicals which are a known major cause of cancer. Additionally you are helping yourself to get better if you are sick already.

5. Raw Foods Make You Healthy

Increasing the amount of raw foods you eat is good for improving your skin, giving you a more clean and clear appearance and even help to give a glow to your skin because of all the good nutrients you are getting.
It is great for weight loss and improving your digestion because of the amount of fiber from the healthy foods you will be putting into your body.





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