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Ghosts, and Ghouls: What They Mean in Your Dreams

Dreams can be a powerful way for our subconscious mind to speak with us. Sometimes we are not as in tune with our feelings as we would like to be and so our mind will capitalize on our dreams in order to make sure we get a symbolic understanding of what is really going on.

Why Dream Symbols Matter

While sometimes it is easy to write off a dream as nothing more than a random occurrence or the result of the green beans in last night’s dinner, there is actually a lot going on in the dream state. Dreams come while we are in what is known as R.E.M. (rapid eye movement) sleep. This is a particular part of the sleep cycle when your mind is the most active and you can see and experience all kinds of things.

While some people are very aware of their dreams, other people find them to be a passing phenomenon, or something they cannot remember once they wake. From my own personal experience, you can train yourself to both remember your dreams and eventually leverage and control them with enough practice.

Since dreams are one way for your subconscious to speak with you, it is a great way to gain deeper insight into your life. This could even help you leverage your own hidden genius by bringing out creativity, avoiding disaster, and having major breakthroughs.

Remember, that only a tiny portion of your mind is conscious and the vast majority of the data you have taken in is actually in your subconscious mind. This means that most of the information thrown at us in a day, be it what we learned, felt, or perceived, is hidden from us unless we learn to leverage this part of our brain. This is why I recommend practicing and exploring dream recall and interpretation.

Dreams JournalTip 1: Use a dream journal

When you first wake up either in the morning or after a dream write keywords, preferably nouns and feelings, about the dream you just had so that you can better recall the dream as it fades away.

Tip 2: Listening to and interpreting dreams

There are a couple of ways to interpret dreams. One is to look up the meaning in a book or article such as this one. A second way is to ask your own subconscious what the symbols in the dream mean.

You can achieve this by:

  1. Centering and Grounding Yourself
  2. Clearing your mind
  3. Ask yourself what each dream symbol means one at a time.
  4. Take the first impression and write it down, trust yourself even if the answer seems silly.

This method is good for people who are practiced or in the practice of self trust and listening to their own first impressions. Remember, that most of the time the dream symbols are representing aspects of yourself even if that thing is showing us as another person in your dream.

Ghosts and Ghouls in Dreams

Dreams GhostNow, let’s talk about these interesting and sometimes scary dream symbols: the ghost, and ghoul.
According to ‘The Dream Dictionary’ the ghost in your dream may have different meanings depending on what the ghost is doing and, in general, seeing a ghost is a sign of good luck! If, for example, the ghost created fear in you, that may be a big warning from your subconscious that someone you perceive to be powerful is pressuring you to do something that you feel is against your principles.

Try remembering that no one around you has power over you unless you give it to them. Don’t underestimate the power of saying, “no” and trust your intuition about the situation you are facing.

A Ghoul appearing in your dream is very different than a ghost. This can be a sign that you are deeply disappointed or have vain hope. If you found in the dream that you didn’t join the ghoul or participate with him, then you may already be recovering from the activity or situation that is letting you down.

This may be a sign that you need to rethink your priorities or move forward after a disappointing experience.

The Dream Dictionary, by Stearn Robinson and Tom Corbett, Taplinger Publishing Company, 1974

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