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3 Main Signs You are in Your Divine Purpose

We all have our own unique purpose and mission to fulfill on Earth. For many of us, finding our purpose can be a very difficult and emotionally draining process. If we are working a job we know isn’t our highest calling, we will carry that weight with us until we begin to merge into our true purpose.

If you’re feeling stuck in life and want to step into your purpose, check out this article we published on how to discover your life purpose!

If you believe you’re beginning to shift into your higher calling but aren’t completely sure, here are some signs you are definitely on the right path!

1. A Feeling of Gratitude

Purpose GratitudeIf you get random bursts of joy or feelings of deep gratitude, this is a beautiful sign you’re aligning with your purpose. These feelings don’t necessarily have to be attached to a tangible thing – a job, object, person or situation. If you feel gratitude just in general – for life itself, you’re beginning to bring in more high vibrational energy into your field, and this can feel absolutely joyous!

The more we practice being grateful for life, for the ups and downs and the lessons that come from growth – the easier it will be to align with our unique purpose. Gratitude helps us be in a state of open receiving, rather than resisting – and in a state of openness, we can more easily find the road of our divine path.

2. You Love Your Reality

If you’re shifting into a new job, a new space or a new way of being in your life, and you’re sincerely enjoy it – then you’re starting to live your purpose! Our purpose doesn’t always look like one thing – it doesn’t need to be a specific job or single role in society. It can shift, transform and evolve with us through life. If you love creating art and get a sense of fulfillment while painting, this is one way to align with your purpose.

Truly enjoying your time doing something is how our internal guidance system tells us to keep doing more of that! Keep following your joy and more opportunities will manifest for you to continue on your path.

3. You Create Abundance From Your Joy

Purpose AbundanceWhen we really start to live from our purpose, we can create amazing abundance in our life from doing what we love. Money is simply a form of energy – and when we put in the time and energy into our creations, that flow will come back to us. People recognize when something is made from the heart, and we are drawn to things that we know were made with the utmost care and love.

If you make something like jewelry for a living and love it so much that each piece clearly reflects the hours of time put into it – people will pay for that. When we love what we do, our reality shifts from “having to work” to “getting to create” – and that fundamental shift in understanding creates all the difference.

The more we follow our joy, the closer we get to living our true purpose every day, and the more our life will naturally flow. As we step into a state of openness, we stop resisting that which we don’t want, and focus our attention on what we do want. The more refined our focus becomes, the more abundance we will continue to bring into our reality.



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  1. Vasantha says:

    This article is very science of great life .

  2. Vasantha says:

    The very science of human life attitude of gratitude .

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