December Full Moon

Manifest With the Longest Full Moon in Almost a Decade This December

A full moon is always a special time to come together and celebrate the energy of this celestial body and harvest what has been manifesting since the last new moon. This December the energy is particularly strong because it is brings the longest full moon of this year, and the longest full moon in nearly a decade.

When Is December 2018 Full Moon?

On December 22nd the total viewing time of the complete full moon will last 15 hours and 32 minutes. The full moon happens exactly at 12:49 P.M. EST. Last time this happened in 2010 with 15 hours and 54 minutes. On Christmas eve, the moon will be at 95 percent.

December’s last full moon is also the cold moon named after the falling winter temperatures, or the “Long Nights Moon” as known by Native American tribes. The Long Nights Moon name is associated with this full moon falling around the time of the winter solstice or the longest night of the year.

The best way to view the full moon is, of course, travel farther into the country, away from cities and light pollution.

The Balance of Helping Others and Self-Care

December Full Moon Four CupsWhether you will be viewing the full moon with your two eyes, or sitting at home and doing a ritual, you will experience and be affected by its energy.

This full moon is in the sign of Cancer. This water sign is highly influenced by emotions born out of the perception on life and intuition. Cancer or the Crab, needs to be protected by its shell, which is why it is a great time to surround yourself with family and people who feel like family. You will be drawn to be there for them, and help them out in any way during the holiday season.

The fortunate characteristic of the full moon in Cancer is that it will never allow you to give more than you can give. You will quickly learn how to take care of yourself and not burn yourself out for other people.

You will also be drawn to self-healing at this time, and this nurturing full moon is bringing an abundance of opportunities to do just that. Perhaps you should buy yourself holiday gifts this year and make sure to truly treat yourself.

In summary, this Yule season, you will effortlessly be able to focus on taking care of yourself while also being surrounded by family, friends, or a living community of people.

Full Moon Self-Care Ritual

To aid you in self-care at this time, I suggest performing any self-care ritual that speaks to you. The one that I love includes three pillar of growth—cleansing, releasing, and manifesting.


First, to purify yourself, you need to bathe in the moonlight or the moon’s energy. This can be done on physical, emotional, or spiritual levels. Or all three! Physically, you can purify your body by going outside when the moon is high, and meditate under its light, especially if the sky is clear. Ask the full moon for guidance and to send you messages. You can also take a cleansing bath with your favorite essential oils, light candles, and have a moonstone nearby to amplify the energy even more.

To cleanse emotionally you want to focus on emotions that you would like to cultivate within you—love, self-love, joy, clarity, and faith. That can be done by chanting a favorite mantra or repeating an affirmations such as: “Life is progressing perfectly!” or “Everything is taken care of in my best interests!

You can cleanse spiritually by smudging, burning incense, and by doing meditation or breathwork.


December Full Moon RitualThe second step is to release. That is something that is talked about in every single ritual, every single new and full moon, and it may seem repetitive. But in reality, ideally you would release every day the things that day including feelings and memories that you do not wish to keep. To release you can make a list of what you are releasing, read it out loud to acknowledge it, and burn it to erase it from your life. You can also meditate with Ho’oponopono in mind or the ancient Hawaiian ritual for forgiveness. Forgiving is the easiest way to let go.

Ho’oponopono is a mantra that says: “I am sorry, please forgive me, thank you, I love you.

Do this for whomever has done you wrong, even unconsciously, (maybe it is you yourself) thinking about them and the situation while saying the mantra is miraculous.


Finally, when you feel cleansed, and you have release the old, it is time to keep manifesting. write down what you want from the next moon cycle and 2019 already since we are so close to it. Let the moon guide you to be honest with yourself and do not think small, think big, as big as the full moon, as bright as its light, and reach as high as you can for the life of your dreams.



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