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4 Important Spiritual Dates To Remember For December 2018

The last month of 2018 may give us all more peace and an energetic upgrade that we needed this whole year. This year was ruled by number 11, and in numerology this means personal growth and evolution that affects the universe as well. This may explain the many ups and downs that many have experienced. At the end of the year, hopefully you can say—what a ride it has been—with positivity, and not defeat. After Mercury goes direct again in the beginning of December, the last of the month should give you the break you need from intense cosmic energies. Here are the big dates to remember for December 2018!

December 6: Last Mercury Retrograde Finally Ends

The third and last Mercury retrograde of the year ends on December 6th. With that the crazy year of retrogrades is coming to an end. Communication should be back to normal now, and it is again safe to start new projects and say yes to opportunities. If you were confused on, or indecisive about anything during the retrograde, you will gain clarity, understanding, and solutions to any of your challenges or dilemmas. This will make the end of 2018 peaceful and simple. December 2018 8 Wands

December 7: New Moon In Search Of Meaning

The new moon on December 7 is in the sign of Sagittarius, and at this time this sign will ask you to recognize what your mission in the world is. Without goals and a strong belief system, Sagittarius will feel unsafe and a little lost. You can use the manifestation powers of the new moon to either start bringing your goals closer to reality or work on recognizing what these goals even are. If that is your intention, by the time the full moon comes, you will have a better idea about your path and the course of your future.

December 21: Manifest Next Year With The Solstice

Speaking of manifesting, the solstice is the solar new year, and it carries an enormous power to manifest. It is the perfect time to stop, be still, feel into your purpose, and re-align with your true path before the next year. It is also time to let go of bad habits, old energies, toxic ties, and repressed emotions. Let all of that go and instead manifest what you actually do want. This can be done in a few easy steps.

First, become aware of your thought and see if they are serving you. This is the easiest to do during a mediation or yoga.
Second, figure out what you want to manifest either instead of what you currently have or to empower and magnify what you currently have. This can be done with a powerful affirmation or mantra that you will need to repeat daily. Find one phrase that really speaks to you, because you may be using it for a while—until you feel like what you were seeking for has manifested.

December 2018 SolsticeThen, create a ritual for yourself that will empower you in your journey and that you can also do daily. It could be a meditation, a breathwork technique, or writing in a gratitude journal. All of these can be used as tools for manifestation. The next step is to surrender to the power of the universe to deliver what you asked for—remember that everything comes and in divine timing. Send your request out there and let go of attachments towards it. It will come when it is time.

December 22: Full Moon in Cancer

Speaking of timing, many manifestations do come true during the full moon, which is the very next day after the solstice. Anything you asked that was waiting just around the corner for you may manifest in just one day! Other things may take a whole lunar cycle until the next new moon.

The full moon on December 22nd is in cancer, an emotionally-intuitive sign that puts a lot of emphasis on family and close ties. You may feel a call to have more family and friends gathering at this time, which is perfect with all of the holidays happening around the same time. You will want to feel like you truly belong in this world, and a loving community around you will make that happen. This is also the way you will make sure the end of this year and the month of December is spent in love, light and harmony.



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